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Hey, blame me if you want. Blame the refs if you want. Blame the Norwalk Virus, or whatever it was that caused Raffi to lose 12 pounds and Horcoff to burst blood vessels in his eyeball from throwing up so violently.

Me, I blame the players.

You can only have mediocre games for so long and expect to keep on winning. Fact is, they probably didn't deserve to be up 3-0 in the first place, and the whole strategy of only playing for 10 or 12 minutes/game can't work all the time.

Most frustrating part -- our 5 on 3's. Man are the Oilers terrible at 5 on 3's. The only option they look for is the one-timer from the top. Here they have Samsonov and Horcoff down low-- two pretty creative guys around the net-- and those three jokers Stoll, Pronger, and Bergeron play keep away around the horn for 45 seconds.

Still, I'm with Lowetide. Things are looking up again. The Oil are at their best when they need to be at their best, and I'm thinking that they win in Anaheim. Or back in Edmonton. Or back in Anaheim.

Right? Right? It's not time to panic yet, right? Right?


I blame you and the players. None of you better cross my path.

Agreed. Plus, Anaheim (use Colorado's pisse pauvre hockey as a benchmark) has been too good to really be swept.

Whatever. The Hockey Gods still love the Oilers. Epidemiological vectors are handled by a different celestial department. After the boys all get the hydrostatic balance in their cells corrected, they're going to crush Anaheim like a shrew under a steamroller. Let's all grow a spine here.

I admit I was wondering at one point tonight how many goals Roloson would have to let in before we'd see Markkanen. I'd have set the over/under at around 15.

Yep. Unless Roli can't stand-up, there is no way in hell he is ever getting pulled.

It's not like too many of the goals were his fault.

I was expecting post-coital BoA. I'm pleased to get the news of the oiler loss at BoA. Sweet. Take 'em while you can get 'em.

Let's all grow a spine here.

Dear God no, Colby! Let's not grow a spine! Let's get back to the insane panic and hopeless desperation that's our only chance of success!

Do you remember how crushed you felt after Maltby scored his second goal of the night in double overtime to win game one, and the Red Wings were still waiting for their best scorer to get back in the lineup? Do you remember that sick feeling in your stomach when San Jose might as well have been wearing Stars uniforms, dominating us for 120 minutes straight, with more or less no end in sight?

We need that feeling, dammit! We need panic, pessimism, chaos--they are the lifeblood of this team, evidently. Coincidence that our players started getting sick when our optimism began to rise? Is the only flu that could make Raffi Torres lose 12 pounds in about six hours a result of us saying, "Oilers in FOUR"? WHAT MORE EVIDENCE DO YOU NEED?! THE SKY IS CLEARLY FALLING GOOSEY POOSEY!

We're absolutely doomed. It's our only hope.

Ducks in 7.

Southern California will double the payments to the refs that Whyte Ave has been making, and Giguere will do his best Dwayne Roloson impersonation and try to draw a few calls in game 5.

Any of you up for a road trip? If you start now you just might make the start of the game.

I think what really killed me in this one was MacT not caling a TO to allow Hemsky and Smyth to finish that 5 on 3.

Why save a TO for a one goal game when you might need it to cut the current deficit from two goals?

The Oilers cannot have a two man adv and not have Hemsky out there.

>Any of you up for a road trip?

Based on games 1 and 2, I know the Oilers are.

Jon's list of blame in order of significance: Ducks, Cosh, Dvorak, Sacamano, Dvorak, Dvorak.

I think the loss is good. When Oiler fans feel so much at ease that they can start skipping out on their karmic fandom duties and not feel nervous about harmless shots on goals from behind the net, there's something wrong.

Super big of you to put the Ducks first.

Every 30 years or so, some team in hockey comes back from a 3-0 deficit.

It's been 30 years or so.

Go Ducks Go.

I blame no one... in fact, I'd like to thank a few people.

The First being Mac-T for seeing the big picture and realizing that it's best that Torres and Dvorak shake out the cobwebs when the Oilers are ahead 3-0 in a series rather than in game 1 of the final.

I'd also like to thank all the pessimistic see-you-entees for taking the probability of any team, especially a 16th place team, actually sweeping a conference final as an opportunity to strut their overpowering knowledge... you really class things up.

Finally, I'd like to thank the REAL fans... the ones who took last nights loss as a series loss. Keep your chin up, the series is ours.

Strategically a loss was inevitable and necessary... Edmonton will play their best game of the playoffs on Saturday. Then we can discuss what happens next!


I tell ya what, the Ducks are believing in themselves now, and they have the skills to back it up. If there ever would be a 3-0 comeback, it would be in the new NHL.
The only thing that I can see going against the Ducks is their lack of experience.
I can't believe the Ducks didn't have a lead in a game vs the Oils until last night. Insane.
But, hey, the Ducks rallied after the Laraque laughing, and the 2 penalties they killed off in Game 3 right afterward, and they haven't looked back yet. Thanks, George, you woke up the Ducks! (heheh)

I gotta tip my hat to Roloson though. He kept them in it. The score should have been 11-3.
If I was a true Oiler fan I wouldn't worry about this series too much. If you had Conklin in net I'd worry! But Roloson will always give this team a great chance to win.

no panic. Anaheim has shown their best, but Edmonton hasn't.

Last night's indicators:
- Pronger makes 2 or 3 uncharacteristic brain farts
- Rollie slightly out of position on one of his 5 GA
- Moreau and Torres always about a half step behind

Ducks probably earned their luck on the off the skate goal.

Hate to say it, but Marchant was a difference on a 4 of the 6 goals - even one he didn't get scoresheet recog for.

GA#1 - was the player that Jaro was tying up
GA#2 - swats the end of Rollie's stick, so its blade is not in spot when shot comes

little fucker. I liked him when he was an Oiler, but deserves to lose since he left with the wad of cash.

I want to face Caroline in the finals to also hand Doug Weight a disappointment.

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