Monday, May 08, 2006


Kudos Oilogosphere!

The Oilogosphere is getting some love from unexpected places -- "Edmonton's 100% Independent News and Entertainment Weekly" Vue Weekly.

It seems that reading Oilers blogs has converted Darren Zenko into a veritable supafan.

There’s one force to thank for turning me (and I’m sure many others) from city-default autofan to relatively well informed and opinionated fanatic, and it’s the same force that’s challenging and changing the way citizens everywhere deal with everything and everyone around them: blogs. . . . Starting with Covered in Oil and, from there, moving out into a network of excellent fan -journalism -- Lowetide, Battle of Alberta and many others . . . I found myself in an atmosphere of smart, opinionated, ferocious and utterly entertaining commentary and analysis.

This atmopshere was so smart, apparently, that it altered Zenko from "a sports-indifferent nerd into a fan committed enough to run four blocks naked through a throng of thousands." In other words, he became the kind of fan who likes to Show his Pole for Stoll on Whyte Avenue. In fact, some forensic analysis of Zenko's photo in the Vue article reveals that he was one of the streakers captured in megapixel by CinO's special correspondent Fish Griwkowsky. The identity of the one-socked bandit remains a mystery.

So, ladies and gentlemen of the Oilogosphere, rejoice! Our efforts have been rewarded. And to you, Mr. Zenko, keep your stick on the ice.


Count me in as a major blog fan. After being forced to get info and viewing time from espn, I was to shoot any espn personality on sight. However, I found blogs, Oiler blogs and blogs for teams I thought should be elminated from the NHL. I think that the success of bloggers of the NHL and hockey have proved that the NHL is better off WITHOUT espn and major network TV. I am far more willing to put down money to support any NHL team I get close to whether it be tickets for a game or PPV. Thanks for coming out.


I in no way want to incriminate anyone for anything, but the esteemed drz knows the one-sock wonder rather intimately, given that there was only one streaker actually captured in the photos.

And while I'm here, I just want to say thank you, sacamano, for your wonderful site. I already gave props to Matt, and while I love the guy, I sure don't keep coming back here to read about Jamie Lundmark and Daymond Langkow. You are the anchor that allows our drunken boat to run ashore for weeklong stretches and not miss anything.

. . . . given that there was only one streaker actually captured in the photos.

So there was! The various states of undress and the fact that his Peca was only visible in one of the shots confused me; but everything is now clear.

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