Friday, May 19, 2006


It's over

At 16:31 of the first period, it was agreed by all in the room that this series is over.

I'm thinking Cosh was right -- it's gonna be a sweep.

Did anyone, at anytime feel even remotely worried that the Oil would lose this game?


Ok. First Cosh. Then Grabia. Even LT is talking about "expecting" the Oilers to win now.

Et tu, sacamano?

Nice win for sure.

But its early. Way too early.

Man oh man.

We need more goals. More goals, less penalties. And a win on Sunday.

Then I will relax a little.



[Mike pulls out some fullscap and a stylus}

Dear Hockey Gods,

The Oilers owe you everything and its fans live in total fear of a quick playoff exit. Did you get the soul of that person I stabbed? Write back soon, or moreover, let the Oilers win if it suits you designs.

Humbly yours,

Mike Winters

Weren't we talking about Flamer hubris about a month ago? Just curious.

Not that I doubt it at all, but still. You don't say shit like that until there's five seconds left in the series. It's like saying "shutout."

Did anyone, at anytime feel even remotely worried that the Oil would lose this game?

remember that shift about 13 minutes into the third period where the Oilers were trapped in their own zone with Bergeron and Greene out there, along with Le GG, Murray and Moreau and a broken stick?

That was pretty fucking scary. Once they made it through that, I felt a little better.

As long as someone else is still nervous, I don't have to be. Oilers in four. Four, F-O-U-R.

Maybe we were all smashed, but Cosh, Hugh, Kev, Avi, Pleasure Motors and I were never worried. Even Matt admitted to fantasizing about the Orbs.

P.S. My AnitBeard/Hat/Whalers Jersey is now 5-0.

And don't lecture me about karma. I'm a Red Sox fan. I know the fucking rules. GOOOOOO OIL!!!!!!

Hey, are we actually getting Marc Joannette for Game 2?

Hey, Grabia, leave me out of your karma-destroying arrogance. Even if I wasn't worried watching the game (which technically wasn't true, since I didn't actually see the damn thing, being at a play and all), the fact Oilers fans are confident now is reason enough to have me paranoid.

Karma-destroying arrogance? Are you kidding me? I pay fealty to the Gods at every turn. I even have an altar in my abode. Last night, after you guys all left, I kidnapped Cosh and then sacrificed him to Stan Weir.

Like I said, I'm a Red Sox fan. I never get cocky or ahead of myself. Three words: Aaron Fucking Boone. Three more: Bucky Fucking Dent. Want three more? Bill Fucking Buckner. All I was saying is that last night I wasn't worried. Doesn't mean I won't for the next game. I would say go after Cosh for his sweep prediction, but Stan Weir ate him. "F-O-U-R" is the last word he will ever write. So go after Sac instead. Or bring him over to my house; I'll light the candles.

I need one loss so I can hit a game 5.

I dunno. Maybe everyone is confusing "lack of worry" with "boredom." Not a great game.



It's bad luck to be superstitious. And it's even worse luck to provoke the gods of hockey into punishing us. What I can't figure out is whether it's better luck to stand up and yell "WE BELIEVE" because the gods of hockey have been so good to us so far.

So I'm ducking the whole karma thing altogether and saying that it's the actual Oiler players, and the actual Oiler coaching staff, that are going to get us through this series in spite of Anaheim winning their one and only game of the series tonight. The gods of hockey will laugh and clap their hands, and Stan Weir's reserved room in heaven will be upgraded to a suite.

The Ducks certainly had more scoring chances than the Oilers did. Did the vast majority of them come on the PP? Yes but aren't the Oilers also good for about six SH situations a game? They certainly are and it's the one area they aren't improving.

I mean it's fine to be able to kill penalties but it's better not to take so many in the first fucking place.

Overall I'd give the edge in SC's to Ana and I read a quote from Selanne where he said they were in the right places in the slot but were a little rusty. I think that's a damn fine summary from him.

MC will say they're a one line team and he's right about that. But Selanne had six shots the other night and McDonald was buzzing as well. The Oilers won't take G2 if they give up so many opps and at the other end don't create a little more offense.

But that's just the Ana part of the deal as I'd expect Edm to take G3 and maybe even both home games when it swithes to Rexall come Tues.

Caryslye will have to play by MacT's rules when it comes to who gets out against Selanne and that doesn't bode well for the Ducks

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