Tuesday, May 16, 2006


High Voltage Wednesday

In addition to the usual gameday tailgate party at Rexall, there will be an Edmonton Oilers Fan Vehicle Parade at noon.

Here are the details I received in an email through the Oilers Pipeline:

. . . the Edmonton Oilers will parade a number of local vehicles that have been ‘Oiler-ized’ for the playoffs from Rexall Place to City Hall.

The parade will feature the artistic creations of numerous Oilers fans who have painted their vehicles in team colors, erected oil derricks in the back of their trucks, and are proud to show their support of the Oilers everywhere they go.

The vehicles will gather at Rexall Place beginning at 11:00 a.m., and will set out on the parade route at 12:00 Noon. The parade route will travel from Rexall Place down Wayne Gretzky Drive, before turning right onto 112th Avenue, and left on 82nd Street. The procession will then follow Jasper Avenue to 108th Street, before turning right to 102nd Avenue. The final stop will be in front of City Hall, where the vehicles will be briefly displayed for Oilers fans.

Oilers fans are encouraged to line the parade route during the lunch hour, and show their support . . .

Judging by some of the ‘Oiler-ized’ jalopies I've seen cruising around town, my guess is that there are going to be some pretty darn funny rigs in this parade.

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