Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Bon mots

Vic Ferrari:
They can send a man to the moon, but they can't develop the technology to put a button on my remote that gives Greg Millen a painful electric shock.

Jes Golbez:
According to the Courier Post Online, 14 players on the Flyers will be having surgeries this month. 14!!! [...]

Given that it's the Flyers, I'm not shedding any tears :)... I'm just a little bit in awe.

No kidding.

...when I got there, he told me that Spacek had scored to make it 1-0 for the Oil. I responded by saying "Cross ice pass from Hemsky on the PP?" He was surprised and responded "Uh...yeah..." while his girlfriend looked at me like I was a witch.

This too:
I like how Greg Millen is now apparently gun shy about talking about the long change, after the fiasco that was G6 in the Vancouver-Calgary series in 2003-04, when it became apparent that he didn't realize that both teams were subject to the long change at the same time.

If I ever meet Millen, I think I might actually feel a twinge of guilt (I'm way too nice), but jeeezzz...

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