Friday, April 21, 2006


Western Alienation!

I see that someone residing in Toronto is representing Canada West. I thought Harper was supposed to end that sort of nonsense.

Joking, of course. Well done, Tyler.


Pretty good commentary.

The Oilers have a good chance against Detroit... if they are consistent.

We've seen the scoring potential they have, they just have to match the Wings in scoring consistency. And if they can't match the Wings in scoring, which will be difficult, they have to out work and out skate them every minute of the game.

Defence is a wash, pretty equal, maybe even in the favour of Edmonton. Two of the best defences in the league.

Rolly the backup goalie has to play well every single night against this Wings team. Not neccessarily excellent, just consistently good, because the Wings forwards are consistently good and will keep bringing it every night. If he stops the first shot, the Oil d-men can (should) do the rest.

But I'm still picking the Wings for the final four in my pool(which would make it all the more painful if Edmonton won).

Just a note-I do live west of the Don Valley. That's western Canada out here.

If Toronto's the center of the universe, isn't every direction west? And north, south, and east too?

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