Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Victory Open Thread

I'd like to dedicate this post to Andrew Ference. He's been excellent these first 3 playoff games.

If Winbister can engineer a win for the North Team as well, Oil fans are welcome to join in.


Man, Chris Simon taught Getzlaf a lesson on the GWG. Getzlaf looked like he was still jacking off back with the Hitmen, not playing in the NHL playoffs.


Sweet Lord and thank god!

Stoll ftw!

You can almost hear the wheezing sound coming from Detriot as they prepare to choke in the playoffs once more. I really only saw bits when looking up from my tax notes to check the score but Oillllleerrrrrrrrzzzz in double OT boo frigggin' ya!

WHOOO!!! Thanks for making staying up late worth it, Mr. Stoll. And indeed, Wisbister had a pretty good game tonight — for the first period anyway. But I like his size on that top line.

Good win. I am concerned, however, about how the Oilers are tiring themselves out. When a bunch of dessicated mummy-husks like the fine pensioners of Detroit are outskating you in double overtime, you're probably doing something wrong.

Then again, maybe not. Hopefully the Oil takes this game as a reminder that the Red Wings are, in fact, a very threatening offensive team. We can never take them as lightly as we did in the third again.

And congrats to Calgary on scoring more than twice in a single game.

And man Winbister with 3 points in two games? Did he suddenly have a cathartic moment where he realized "I can elevate my game from the AHL to NHL, I have the POOOOWEEERRR"

That said Winchester you beautiful bastard, all is forgiven!

Can offically stop calling him "Wisbister" now?

And yes, the Red Wings made the Edmonton look hopelessly like the Oilers of a the late 90s vintage. Torres and Staios, notably, may want to invest in some conditioning coaches for the offseason. Then again, we controlled almost 2/3 of regulation and our goalie was solid.

Whatta win!


Seems that "Wisbister" is a little cumbersome. (Shouting "Go Wisbister!" etc. at the TV isn't too natural.) At the suggestion of a friend, might "Chesty" (perhaps even, in full, as "Chesty LaWin"?) be more wieldy? One need not strain too hard to imagine how fun yelling "Chesty" at the TV actually is...

I swear I wrote that before this:
Can offically stop calling him "Wisbister" now?

How about Chestnut?

Man, that was quite a hit Warrener laid on Fedoruk. Really seemed to take some steam out the Ducks.

But it was a much better effort tonight. Like game 1, the Flames came out strong. Like game 1, they got in some penalty trouble. Unlike game 1, they really kept the pressure on all night, the forwards were backchecking like demons, and that let the D play a bit more settled defence.

I really liked the adjustments made by Sutter...particularly on the powerplay.

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