Sunday, April 30, 2006


This Date in Battle of Alberta History

It was 20 years ago today...

The play began innocently enough, with Berezan dumping the puck into the Oilers' zone, then heading to the bench for a line change. As he reached the bench, the Northlands Coliseum suddenly became quiet. "I turned and I saw Lanny with his hands in the air," said Berezan. "I had to ask him what happened." McDonald told him. "Sometimes," said McDonald, "the good Lord smiles on you."
- from the 1986 book On Fire, by Eric Duhatschek and Steve Simmons.

With the Avalanche polishing off Dallas this afternoon, we are now one Oiler win and one Flames win from the first Battle of Alberta playoff series in 15 years. This needs to happen. It would please so many people...


I'm looking forward to reading the first post about how Phaneuf is better than Pronger. Or maybe how the Leopold/Reghier tandem is better than Smith/Pronger.

You know...stuff like that;)

Low blow, Matt. Low blow.

P.S. put ads up now, because if that matchup happens, your numbers are gonna go through the roof.

I was a bit worried about this but if Anaheim can hold their own and take the Flames to 6, despite the Kipper, and Edmonton can be a game up going into 6 against the Red Wings, bring it on!!!! It'll be an interesting goaltender matchup for sure. Roloson is looking better than J.S.G. is right now and I'd be hard pressed to think up a name of any defenseman who's playing better than Pronger right now. I've all but started engraving his name into the Conn Smythe.

I told Fenwick about the anniversary (he had the date completely wrong) knowing full well that he'd send his karma to hell by posting about it here. The Battle of Alberta just ended, my friends.

You don't mind, do you Colby, if we go ahead and actually PLAY the series?

I wonder where that guy gets his nickname from?

Actually play the games? That's crazy talk.

Ads? This site is about the hockey, man (translation: can't be bothered).

And although Pronger has earned every one of the roses being tossed at his feet right now, memories are short. He can be ordinary, he can even be bad. Look at Dennis' sarcastic example: there was a big international tournament two months ago where lots of people, including many non-Flames fans, looked at Canada's poor performance and (correctly) noted that in hindsight, we would have been better off with Phaneuf than Pronger.

And bringing up Steve Smith isn't a low blow, it's history. I like Steve Smith, he coached my team for awhile. Good guy.

Ads? As if this site doesn't already give me ulcers with the constant need to update, update, update.

If I started thinking about this place as a money making venture I'd have to do things like spell check.

Screw that.

Are you kidding? The Karma surrounding the 20th anniversary of the Smith goal is much too powerful to overcome. An all Alberta win tonight is inevitable.

And my heroes don't take to the ice till 9:00 PM! Could be a really late night.

Steve Flames player around...

Pronger was playing hurt at the Olys. A healthy Phaneuf being the 6th defenseman at the Olys MIGHT have been better at the Olys but then again Dion isnt doing too hot against the Ducks so how would he have fared against stellar competition?

As good as Phaneuf is for his age I don't think I've ever seen a guy this overrated. 33 of his 49 points came on the PP so at this point he's a guy that can hit a tonne, though he will take himself out of position to do it, but he's also a PP specialist who doesn't play anything close to the tough mintues.

Ads? As if this site doesn't already give me ulcers with the constant need to update, update, update.

If I started thinking about this place as a money making venture I'd have to do things like spell check.

That's the beauty of the whole thing sacamano. You guys don't really have to do shit-people are gonna be googling battle of alberta like crazy. You're just cashing in on your accumulated google goodwill. You could do nothing but put up pictures of monkey genitals for two weeks and you'd probably still make coin off people coming here looking for news on the BOA and then deciding "Hey...that monkey has a nice cock. Where can I find more monkey pornography?"

You're both fools if you don't cash in-these monkey porno dollars could put your children through university.

Sacamano has spent enough time in university for three generations of his offspring. He has probably already bought his daughter a set of Snap-On tools to foster her interest in plumbing.

Ain't that the truth. I've definitely been pushing the trades option on her as a second choice. The first choice, of course, will always be Golf Pro Nun.

Unless my esteemed colleague has other plans, I'm firmly in the "BofA is a 100% non-commercial enterprise".

Hell, I'm getting to be such an old man that I mute the ads on the tee-vee, and I was actually pissed off in the car the other day (I don't drive much) that I couldn't do the same with the radio: "Matress, Matress, Matress Will Save You Money"

Agreed, although on the topic of $$, the first time I see someone getting to this page off of a search for "that monkey has a nice cock", I think I'll mail mudcrutch five bucks just for the laugh.

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