Thursday, April 13, 2006


Say What?

I can't believe we have never run a caption contest schtick before.

But this photo (รพOF) , combined with the rumours that Mac-T is again trotting out the disastrous Ryan Smyth at Centre Experiment, is simply too good to pass up.

Just what could he be thinking?


MacT is trying to figure out how the heck he can make lemonande from the bag of lemons that is Raffi Torres.

Torres? Oh, he's got his thinking cap on there for sure.

Smyth at centre? Don't worry about it. Last time he was there for an extended period of time he was playing with a broken finger. Smyth might be the worst quote in the league, but he's playing inspired hockey right now. Too bad he's one of a mere handful on the club right now.

What would Sather do?

I'm telling you, Grady Little, man.

Aaron Fucking Boone.

What you should be doing, Sac, is running a poll to see how many of us will be watching the game tonight. I am 100% on the "No Fucking Way" side. Call me what you will, but its simply torture watching them right now. And don't let Tyler fool you. I have heard him bitch plenty about how shitty we have played since the All-Star break.

Does a farmer stop farming Andy? Of course not. He perseveres. I'll bitch about the team but I'll watch the damned games as well. Just like a farmer.

As for the picture, well I figure Torres just saw something shiny and MacT is trying to figure out what else he can do other than play Smyth at centre so that he gets fired while still collecting his remaining money.

Not watching the game? Give your head a shake Grabia?

"Simon says...freeze like a dummy.

After the last few games, it could be:
"Oilers score!"
"Oilers catch a break from the replay official"


Paul Lorieau's girdle snaps.

Not watching the game? Give your head a shake Grabia?

Was that actually intended as a question? I don't know what to do, or say. I'm really confused.

My point, Tyler,wasn't about watching the game. Rather it was the dispassionate demeanor in judging how poorly they have played.

And no, I will not watch the game. I'll cheer for the team, and I want them to win, but I'm not a glutton for punishment. Hearing Cosh ejaculate about winning 3 games in our baseball league is torture enough, without suffering through a Teemu anal rape-job. I mean, I'm gonna have a heart attack watching them play Dallas again (we ALL know it's coming). Can't I just have a few days reprise?

Does somebody need a hug?

Dude, I am shivering in a corner.

Hold me.

"Does somebody need a hug?"

...which oddly isn't too bad a suggestion for the caption contest and the above picture.

I think K.Lowe needs a hug more than anybody else in the organization. He's put together what should be a strong, competetive team on paper, and look what it's gotten him.

Screw him. He's got 6 Stanley Cups and an Olympic hottie for a wife. All I have are Ichiban noodles and near-mint copies of Alpha Flight #26 and Power Man & Iron Fist #66.

He's also got that sad, sad combover though.

I think at this point it's a "comb around and then over"

Are they at least the good Sapporo brand ramen noodles?

Oh, I guess somebody should actually take a swing at a joke caption...

Coach MacTavish reluctantly tells the troops about the NHL's new ban on Brazilian bikini waxes above the Adam's apple.

MacT ponders just exactly how in the world the Kings managed to bench Avery the rest of the season while Torres is still playing?

"Now, where'd I leave my lucky horseshoe?"

Actually, I was counting on a another Oilers lost. My caption was much better:

"Remind it '"

Guys, you won't believe this, but Vancouver really does blow even more than we have this year. Yes, Raffi, I know it's a reach, but they really do. Now close your gob, it make you look like even more of a mook than you are.

Congrats to the Oil. For all the gnashing of teeth and garment rending, they have a chance to make something of the season. Not making the playoffs would have been a financial and esthetic disaster. If this team has been playing as tight as it seems, the likely underdog staus of their first round matchup should relieve them of any pressure. It really is a free ride now. Anything other than a 4 or 5 game ouster will be accepted as OK, I suspect.

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