Monday, April 24, 2006


Old Bull and Young Bull

The Edmonton-Detroit series has just entered rarified air. To describe Pronger's leadership and spectacular play, Mac-T just pulled out the ole "Old Bull-Young Bull" story:

An Old Bull and a Young Bull were standing at the top of a hill overlooking a large meadow full of cows. The Young Bull says excitedly, "Let's run down there and f**k us a cow!"
"No, son", says the Old Bull, "let's walk down there and f**k them all."

You don't know how happy this makes me.


Great. We play boring defensive hockey and now we have barnyard sex analogies? We're basically cheering for the Flames at this point.

Awesome! Now hopefully there'll be some lousy officiating in Game 3, so Mac-T can ask the ref, "Can I get a bench minor for thinking?"

I don't get it. 5 Cups for Edmonton, 1 for Calgary.

Fittingly, if you do a google search on 5+cups+edmonton, this site comes up fifth. Oddly, Cosh comes up sixth.

Between it's place atop the google pile for orbs of power and now this, I'd say that this site has done some fine, fine work.

These are old stories of Coach Howard, one-time head coach of Basketball at the U of C. The 'thinking' one goes something like this:

Coach: "Hey ref, can I get a technical for thinking?"
Ref: [frowns] "No..."
Coach: "Then I think you're fuckin' terrible!"
Ref: [makes 'T' sign with hands]

Ah I've heard that story before. The coaches of my youth were more demonstrative. One of them was legendary on the local scene for placing a garbage can over a ref who skated by when he was coaching junior.

Now THAT I'd like to see. Especially if Pete Peeters did it.

I actually saw this comment last night (and I'm dominating this thread, I have to say).

MacT sure looks like he's having a hell of a lot more fun now than he was two weeks ago. Night and day.

No doubt, Mac-T is a great interview at the worst of times, but when he is happy he gets downright goofy

He still barely beats Hitch on my "Entertaining Coaching Performance of the Night" though. Tell Lindy to go fuck himself.

Question: Were the Oilers better off with Mike York?

He's having a terrific time because a) he's doing a great job b) there is no pressure and c) the Oil have had the Wings right where they want them ever since the series started. Even when they were down a game.

Compare him to Hitch - a) team playing like idiots, b) tons of pressure c) Flyers are right where the Sabres want them

Actually watching post game press conferences I'm pretty glad I'm not an NHL coach - poor guys all look really really stressed. Even Gainey last night, after the win; he looked exhausted.

So good for MacT!

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