Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Oilers Season Review Video

Someone has put together a sweet little video recap of the Oil's season (plus a few vintage clips for good measure). I had totally forgotten about that wicked 2.2 second finish against Phoenix.


That was awesome. Whoever did that should get a key to the city.

I can't believe I'm gonna miss the game tonight. Give em hell, Sac!

My favourite part is the scoreboard on the stillshot before it plays. (Also, kudos to whoever the Someone is for including the clips of the banners, Coach Simpson hoisting the Stanley Cup, etc.. If I had seen an Oiler highlight piece without any clips from before the collapse of the Soviet Union, I might have just died of shock.)

where's the Flames video? what, not one of the many bandwagon Flames fans can come up with one? HA!

sweet vid
Go Oilers go!

What's with crappy pop-punk and youtube sports clips? Just once I want to see highlight's to a Lehar waltz.

Not only that but there's a lyric in that song about living through the bad times or something. Both of which the artist has illustrated with clips of the Oilers carrying the Cup.

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