Saturday, April 29, 2006


Oilers Playoff Game #5


Way back on April 21st (gawd it feels like longer), I predicted:
Oilers in 7: split in Detroit, win Game 3 in Edmonton, lose Games 4&5, win back to back Games 6&7. Oh, and D-vo will score a lot of goals.
So far the plan is working perfectly. Even Dvorak's lack of goals indicate that my predictive powers are still going strong since he hasn't scored a goal this year when predicted to do so.
He is, if you will, my anti-prediction, the yang to the rest of my predictive ying.

But, if the fellas want to accelerate the plan by beating Detroit this afternoon (1pm MDT), I'm all for it. Apparently, history is on our side:

In past NHL best-of-seven series, the team that loses Game 1, wins Game 2 and 3 but loses Game 4 has an all-time series record of 34-29 (.540). That number improves to 15-9 (.625) when only considering the opening round.
And once winning Game 5? "Edmonton's all-time series record when winning Game 5 is 15-1. "

Sacamano's Keys to the Game:

I haven't heard about lineups yet. Is Tarnstrom back? Ullie in for Green? LeGG in for Harvey/the Gem?

Go Oil!


I can't remember a time when the Oilers lead 3-2 in a series and didn't close it out.

Which series was this?

I'm embarrassed I can't remember this.

You can rest happy, dennis, it never happened. The only time the Oil lost a series after winning Game 5 was "1981 against the New York Islanders when they were trailing the series three games to one."

That wasn't the question.

But I can understand why people would forget how the '89 season ended.

If someone murdered these referees the next time they came to Edmonton, I don't think there is a jury in the province who would convict.

I've got another candidate for 'no jury would convict.'

Here are three excerpts from Sportsline's Game Log, written by a guy named Scott Cooper who is positively wet for the Red Wings:

1 - 11:16 Edmonton's power play comes to an abrupt end after a slashing penalty is called against Smyth. With all of the breaks that Smyth got in Thursday's game, it is good to see him get called for a penalty.

2 - 15.09. The Oilers have so far been playing a little better in this period, but they are still not really close to a goal. Overall, Edmonton is not looking great in this game.

2 - 14:44 Beleive it or not, the Oilers are on the scoreboard first and somehow manage to get the puck past Legace in the net. Pisani had a lucky goal there and the Red Wings will have to work hard to get back into this game.

Oilers up 2-0. Roloson kept them in and they have popped 2. Interesting series.

Probably going to have to work harder now that it's 3 nothing.

Chelios elbowing Smyth in the head then flopping to the ice. Smyth gets called. Peca chopped down in a prime scoring position. No call. Ok NHL- how much more can you do to make sure your Wings win? Can anyone claim the refs haven't hurt the Oilers now? Unbelievable- even the NBC guys were baffled as to how that Peca play wasn't called.

VICTORY IS OURS! Just one more game..just one more game...

I don't know if anyone's keeping a "Mark Lee Call of the Game" record, but tonight's has to be him commenting on a Roloson reflex toe save in the first:
"That was a desperation snow angel, indeed."

He's really come into his own during this series.

Ahhh yes...the old "Here we go Oilers here we go" series against the Isles.

Can't believe I forgot that.

Speaking of things I can't forget...mark down '89 and the 3-1 blown lead to the Kings.

The Year Of Jimmy Carson and Chris Kontos.

Tampa Bay's dead. They were dead before the puck was dropped--Vinny looked like he wanted to run away and cry, not necessarily in that order, before the anthems.

Who's the dicklick working this round with Cole? Lloydminster's a small town now?

Ron Tugnutt

Can someone explain to me why every second guy on TV is an ex-goalie?

It's not the same celebrating an Oilers win (setting cars on fire, flipping old people the bird, etc) when you live in Toronto.

All I'm getting are these idiotic "WTF?" looks on people's faces.

Nevertheless, the Orbs glow bright.

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