Friday, April 07, 2006


Oilers Game Day - Hawks

As peter points out in the comments to the Flames GD post, a Flames win coupled with an Oilers loss seals the deal on the two teams' relative regular season records.

I don't see it happening. In fact, I'm betting that the Oil pick up a single on the Flames tonight.

3-2 Wild in OT. 5-1 Oil.

Sacamano's Key to the Game: The Blackhawks inept management team.


Who cares? This is WAAAAAAY more important.

I am gonn party tonight!!! And the Whale jersey is coming on!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Does everyone that came-of-age in the 80s love this team? I believe so. That or they had delicious uniforms.

I thought Pittsburgh had that casino thingie approved, though (man am I a lazy hockey blogger).

fucking karma. thank you smyth.

we should be less worried about the disallowed goals and more worried about giving up a 3-1 lead to Chicago in the 3rd period. and that last goal was fucking awful.

>and that last goal was fucking awful.

Yep. And not just goaltending. Lately, they do look like a 8th -10th place team don't they?

man, there isn't a team in front of the Oilers that I look forward to seeing in the playoffs. My playoff pool isn't going to have any copper&blue in it this year, but I have ordered my tix all the same.

By the way, was the French judge in Toronto the last two days? Unfrickinbelievable!

They look like an awful team right now. If there is one time to be motivated, it should be when u are fighting for a playoff spot. Instead, they are playing like its the pre-season. Really though, this has been our MO for about 7 years, which tells me that something deeper is wrongg, whether it be the culture, the current roster, the coaches, whatever.

Heh, at least there's one team playing worst than the Oil right now — Vancouver.

After Chicago equalized, I was 100% ready in complete earnest to turn my back on the Oilers for the balance of the season. Fine, so they won. Now I have to watch them get taken out like the trash they are in the first round.* But I don't have to like it.

*(Prediction does not apply to a possible first-round pairing with the Flames)

Is Stempniuk the Alberta Killer still on St. Louis' Roster? And why are the Blues retiring Al Macinnis' jersey on Sunday? Have the Flames even done that yet? And why do it against the Oilers? Then again, this a team that retired Brian Sutter's jersey, so we can't hold them to too much.

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