Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Oilers Game Day - Detroit

We all know that the loss to St. Loo was brutal, but, thanks to Vancouver's ineptitude I'm over it.

Look, the fact is that the Oil had no chance against the Blues. It was a perfect storm. Oilers never win when there is a pregame ceremony. Witness:
I could go further back, but I think you get the picture. Combine that with the fact that the Oilers never beat a team that is on a losing streak and never beat an unknown backup goaltender, and it was simply an impossibility to expect anything but a loss. I don't know why I didn't mortgage the ol' condo and head to Vegas.

Tonight's game is a different story. If I'm Detroit I'm thinking that this is a potential first round match-up and so a message needs to be sent. If I'm Edmonoton, I'm calculating the Kryptonite Factors and I like what I see.

Oilers Kryptonite Test
Call me crazy, but I'm optimistic about tonight's game. Not only that, but I'm pretty sure that this will be a preview of the 1st round of playoffs. Of all the teams ahead of the Oilers, I really think they match-up best with Detroit.

Prediction: 3-2 Oil

Scoreboard Watching:


Well, I hope I'm not jinxing myself, but the Oilers tend to not have back-to-back games in which they totally suck. I predict an OTL, 5-4.

Ryan Smyth's toddler against the Red Wings.

Is MacT pushing the stroller?

Then Ryan Smyth's toddler 17 Red Wings 1.

Oilers are going to win in a close one and get those two points!

You forgot to predict Dvorak to score tonight.


I like the matchup tonight. Several Wings are beat up, and they're looking ahead to the playoffs. I'm thinking they might even get this one in regulation. At the very least, they need a point from this game.

Ian, lets not get into the realm of fantasy here.

Another thing about banner nights. The Oil have lost 3 straight Molson cup nights as well. They better not do team awards this year before a game.

Just win the damn game already and I don't give a shit if the ghost of Ace Bailey scores the winning goal!

Ug. Down 1-0 after two, with the lone goal being scored by some guy with less than 30 games of NHL experience over his career. Isn't that lovely.

Damn. I totally forgot about the "Inexperienced Call-up Looking For His First Goal" Kryptonite Factor.

(stunned silence)

(depressed resignation)

(silent resignation)

c'mon guys, as if it wouldn't be morbidly hilarious to have Edmonton and Vancouver both lose all the rest of their games in a drunken stumble to the finish line.

If that were to happen, Edmonton would probably be better off sending the the farm team to play Detroit, just for the experience.

What's that? We're sharing a team with WHO?

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