Sunday, April 09, 2006


Oilers Blues

One thing was clearly decided tonight. The team that makes 8th place will not be the team that plays the best down the stretch. It will be the team that sucks the least.

Absolutely pathetic.


Yep. They sucked.

Yup. They fucking sucked.

"I'm not nearly as convinced that there'll be a first round exit as you guys are. Gotta like the fact that STL plays tonight in Colorado while the Oil relax in St. Louis and wait for the Blues to return. I expect a 3 or 4 goal win tomorrow." -Mudcrutch79, yesterday

now the Oil need help in a big way...not good
your 2005-06 Edmonton Oilers: the award for biggest chockers of the year!!

3-time 9th place champs though!

Well, my only hope is that THIS is rock bottom and the team pulls together 2.5 wins. I still insist that anything goes in the playoffs.

It's true, anything goes in the playoffs, but I've had this nagging fear that the Oilers wouldn't make it. it looks more and more confirmed everyday. Jovanovski back in Vancouver does not help the situation.

What a disgrace: I'm now being forced to pray that Anaheim and San Jose play well to stop the Canucks from moving passed us.


The biggest worry for me is if every team COL, SJS, VAN, EDM plays close to .500. That makes it more likely that EDM is out. Sadly, that's what the team would deserve.

If SJS runs the table, that will likely take VAN out.

Nice, abso-goddamn-lutely nice!

Peca once again shows he is the biggest waste of money this side of Bertuzzi. Did anyone catch his pathetic whining about the pre-game ceremony? Good golly, I guess the Blues used that extra 40 minutes to rest up from the game they played the night before in Nashville.

Maybe Peca is a cancer.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Anything less than a quarter-final matchup, and out the door with the entire coaching staff. This is big business, not an alumni club.

I missed the first two periods as I had a playoff game of my own (I've now seen two separate guys get match penalties at the same time). The Oilers looked good in the third though. What the hell happened in the first two periods? Just lots of penalties or something?

Hemsky with the hoooking though...I mean sweet Christ. It just has to stop. MacT looked to be in physical pain on the bench when Ales took that penalty.

The Edmonton Stick Fouls. I think that might be the name next year. Looking forward to seeing the crest for the jersey...probably has something to do with Horcoff or Hemsky;)

I saw the first period and the last 14 minutes of the third. The Oilers killed themselves in the first period with penalties and at least two of them came in the Blues zone. Harvey in particular took a terrible penalty.

In the second it looks like the PP killed them though I didn't see that frame. The Oilers going 1/7 on the PP isn't good enough at this least not when you look at who they can ice.

In the 3rd I saw the kid make wicked saves on Samsonov, Stoll and Harvey and that was just in the last 10 minutes. The Oilers got outplayed for at least one period and they lost the netminding battle.

I watched a lot of the Avs/Blues on Sat and I figured we'd be in for a tough game.

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