Monday, April 24, 2006


Monday Fun Fact

As we all know, 16 Wins is the goal of every playoff team. With yesterday's huge victory, the Oilers now have 16 playoff victories... since 1992.

Here's hoping these next 14 years are as fruitful as the last 14.


ok, your flame(rs) had a wonderful cinderella story in 03-04.

well done, you got f#@cked at the ball and had a glass slipper that didn't fit left on your bed.

You're so pretty Calgarella. picked the correct time to slag the Oilers.

Your own house is burning my friend;)

the flames have a whopping 23 since 1992........oilers are getting NO respect in Calgary at all - the last column I read after Game 1 advises that the 1980's Oilers fully-loaded couldn't beat Kipper.........

it's nice to live in a dreamworld.......

Calgarian Math: 15 playoff wins in '04 + 1 playoff win in '06 = a Stanley Cup, right?

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