Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Kill two birds . . . [update]

Wow! As if beating Detroit wasn't gratification enough. While Red Wings fans just seem confused by it all, it seems that the Oilers' success is causing Canucklehead Fans some serious mental anguish.


[Update]: Wings fans rebut. They're not confused, they're indignant.


It's probably karma. Vancouver fans suck, so they're team didn't make the playoffs in a somewhat confounding manner. Now, they're cheering for the Red Wings against us, so now they're losing. Seems simple enough.

Their team missed the playoffs. They should start cheering for the draft. I certainly don't want them cheering for us.

I'm rooting for the Oilers. Although I guess I'm not really a Canucks fan. Not anymore.

I, too, am rooting for the Oilers.

"They should start cheering for the draft."

Well, Vancouver did end up with the worst possible draft position. Maybe that's another example.

hey, I'm now being quoted as an expert on the Oilers, score. Now to see if I can get a job doing colour commentary or play by play, I couldn't possibly be worse than the jokers they have calling this series.

The only thing that could ruin a deep Oilers playoff run is Mark Lee clinging to the team all the way along like some hideous human barnacle. I'm this close to taking applications for a lynch mob.

I can tie a pretty nifty knot... He about pees himself when a Wing has the puck. Some one should nail him with a 1/4 of beef on the way into Rexall

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