Wednesday, April 12, 2006


It's Official

Apologies if this is common knowledge by now, but I don't see it in any of the game stories, so:

There will be no Battle of Alberta in the 1st round of the playoffs this season. (Booooo!)

The Oilers can now finish no higher than 7th. They can pass both Colorado and San Jose, but only if those teams lose all of their remaining games. If that scenario were to happen, both of those teams AND the Oilers would be passed by the Canucks, since Vancouver's 3 remaining games are against Colorado and San Jose.

A second-round matchup is also unlikely (let's assume for fun that the Oil will qualify for the playoffs in 8th, and that the Flames win the NW). Not only would the Oil have to beat Detroit, but Dallas would also have to lose to whoever they play, leaving Calgary and Edmonton as the highest and lowest remaining seeds, respectively.

Here's the Standings with Games Remaining (which you've all seen) along with each team's Best and Worst possible seeding (which you probably haven't). The West:

And the East:


Not much going on in the NHL today. You could always talk about football...I hear the Eskies picked up Anthony Collier :P

Go Canucks.

Go Canucks?

Brilliant "defensive coverage" by Bertuzzi on the last play of the game. He actually skated AWAY from the guy with the puck 10 feet out in front of Auld.

The Oilers are alive.

Why in the world would you want the Oilers and Flames to meet in the first round?

Save the excitement for the Conference Championships. When so much more is on the line, the rivalry gets elevated even more!

On a weird mathematical note, if the Flames and Oilers finish 3-7 then they cannot meet in the second round either.

(Imagine that the four first-round winners go into the second round ordered ABCD. In any scenario, the original teams 3 and 7 will have the winner of the 4-5 series between them in the order, so they can't occupy slots B and C. But if team 7 is to occupy slot D, team 8 must have lost to team 1, which would then occupy slot A. By symmetrical reasoning, the 2-6 matchup is also impossible until the conference final.)

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