Sunday, April 16, 2006


Gentlemen, stop your razors

Put up your blades, folks; it's time to start growing those playoff beards/leg thickets.

The Oil went 2-1-1 vs Detroit this season, with both of those wins in OT. Head to head the two teams each scored 13 goals, and the Wings outshot the Oil by a paltry 10 shots. This has the makings for a beauty of a series.

And hey, Greg Millen says to watch out for the Oilers. Could you get a better endorsement . . . well, other than this one?

This also means that I am happy to have some new material to read. Specifically, I'm encouraging everyone to check in on these terrific Red Wings Blogs.
I see that Vic has fully joined the mathamagic crowd and thinks that the numbers favoured Dallas instead of Detroit. I'm fully in the camp that is happy the Oilers drew Detroit rather than the Stars. You just know that it would have come down to some overtime, Turco would have flopped some lucky save and sent the puck up to Modano, and Arnott would have buried it. I feel ill just imagining it.


I realize I've been guilty of the sin of despair myself, but Dallas is still our most likely second-round opponent. Your scenario for a painful loss (however likely) is just a little too lurid and detailed for comfort.

You forgot about Zubov. That cocksucker just kills us.

I'm with Grabia. If I could have one Star kidnapped immediately before a playoff series it would be Zubov (who is finally getting a serious Norris look this year, apparently).

Good one. Zubov is, indeed, a killer.

The best news of the day is that there are no shootouts in playoffs, so that second round should be a breeze

Well, the obviously deluded dream will be a 6 game (at home of course) win over Detroit. Then Oilers face Stars in the second round and in true poetic fashion, win in 6 - each being one goal games with third period ties broken with about 7 minutes remaining.

I think it would break the Dallas spell to go through them to reach the finals.

Edmonton versus Detroit
Game 1 Win 4-3 - the visitors surprise
Game 2 Win 5-4 2OT - Roloson steals this one
Game 3 Lose 2-4 - hey its home ice, Oilers get aggressive and take too many penalties
Game 4 Win 2-1 - a battle of defensive proportions
Game 5 Lose 3-4 - Detroit refuses to lose another at the Joe
Game 6 Win 3-2 4OT - Samsonov makes some sick play to assist on the Horcoff winner

Sign Nam up for the site, I like the way he thinks :P

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