Monday, April 03, 2006


Flames Game Night

Flames vs. Red Wings tonight, 7PM MDT, radio only.

I had no good idea what kind of heater the Red Wings were on lately. Ducks? Pffft! Check it:
In other words, the Red Wings are a very, very good hockey team. The Flames have already clinched at least a split of the season series, and if they earn a point tonight, I'll be satisfied with the result. Whether I'm satisfied with the performance is another matter, of course. The Flames played a heck of a game the last time the Wings were here: winning 3-1, extending their win streak at the time to 8 games, and just generally carrying the play.

In light of those previous (two) performances against Detroit, and the fact that they seem to have their Home Mojo working, I'll call it 3-2 Calgary in OT. Lombardi scores again, and Amonte finally gets off the schneid. Go Flames.


Last 13 Detroit opponents: Chicago (three times), Nashville (twice), Minnesota, St. Louis, Columbus, San Jose, Vancouver, Edmonton, Anaheim, L.A. Sorry, but that's not exactly a Murderer's Row.

Exactly. I was just going to say that the Ducks have gotten three fewer points in the last 13 games over a far, far tougher schedule — including a seven game road swing.

To be clear, I have nothing bad at all to say about the Ducks. I noted on January 31st, while some people were hotter for San Jose, that I thought the Ducks would finish between 5th and 7th in the conference.

But I don't understand the reluctance to give Detroit some love. We all recall the Sens going 17-3 in their 1st 20, and they were being lauded as a near-unstoppable force of nature. Well, Detroit has done even better than that in their past 20 road games. That's impressive, and I don't care who they played. If it was so easy to beat CHI/CBJ/STL, they'd all have like 15 points, not 60.

Oh fer chrissake. It may not be "Murderer's Row," but it is freaking 10 of 14 teams in the West, i.e., most of the available opposition. The only teams not accounted for in that list are Calgary, with whom the Wings have had their problems but, from the sounds of it, played pretty even tonight; Colorado, whom Detroit swept this season; Phoenix, who I assume doesn't qualify for the Row; and Dallas. So what Colby's caveat amounts to, I think, is that it wasn't Calgary and Dallas...

Yeah! Also, who let a GIRL in the treehouse and where did she get a suitcase full of FACTS? I'm getting FACT COOTIES here.

What the hell is with Peca, btw? Nice of him to show up for the last 20 games of the season.

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