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If there's one thing I've enjoyed in the past couple of weeks (besides the whole general Playoffs! thing), it's been watching Oilers fans co-opt everything they used to hack on Flames fans about. Let's run down the list of criticisms to which Flames fans are now entirely immune coming from Oil fans:
Did I miss any?


Be prepared for a "5 cups to 1" type rebuke.

Wow, I think that's fear I smell. When all else fails, point out the flaws in the enemy you fear most and hope they don't retaliate. Check!

I can't speak for the inevitable teeming idiots on Whyte Ave, but:

"1)Overly excited about accomplishment short of winning the Cup"

All planned parade routes are ironic. Only Flames fans seriously talk about the Cup as if its a sure bet, despite the odds. This is why they'll lose.

"2)Playing patient, defensive (boring!) hockey as long as you win"

Well, you got me there.

"Relying on great goaltending to keep you in games where otherwise you'd be screwed"

Not quite the same thing. The Flames are truly screwed without the Kipper no matter who they face (2.6 goals a game?)

"Shameless, shameless bandwagon jumping"

Typical of all Canadian teams in playoffs and not really I criticism I've ever made, per se. Now, Albertan Maple Leaf fans in the early 1990s, THAT was annoying.

Flaws? Whaaaa....? Michael, I'm not really sure what you're objecting to here. I'm saying Oiler fans are reacting like normal, good fans, and you're... what -- denying it?

I repeat, unlike (say) October, I don't think Oiler fans can toss those criticisms at Flames fans anymore, because the pot and the kettle are both black as midnight.

What I'm trying to say is that Oilers fans are EXTRA special.

And hypocrites...I guess.

Oh please don't talk about bandwagon jumpers. I seem to remember a dying Flames fanbase during that certain decade that Calgary players decided that they didn't have to show up at games.

Were all those empty seats some sort of special red mile thing? We certainly weren't 'blessed' with the slutty Calgarian boobies in those days.

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