Thursday, April 20, 2006


Best news I've heard all day

From BofA fan-pub The Globe & Mail, via Mirtle:
...Bob Cole and Greg Millen will call the Ottawa series...

Yeah, baby!!! Calling the CGY-ANA series will be Don Wittman and Andy Murray. Andy Murray? Hey, whatever, as long as Millen's stuck in Ottawa, I'd take Joan McCusker.

[Sacamano Update]: Oh man, Lee and Garrett? Bru-tahl.


Matt said:
Hey, whatever, as long as Millen's stuck in Ottawa, I'd take Joan McCusker.

I'm not sure where you're going with this, but I'll chime in:

If Bill Clinton was on the east coast I'd take Hilary.

CBC hired on the former Kings coach soon after he was let go. Murray's a fantastic tactitian and should make for interesting colour, especially since he was behind the bench against these two teams all year.

Yeah, for the first time I'm kind of jealous of Calgary. Wittman is a favourite of mine-my theory is that they keep him in some sort of chamber tied into a machine and then turn him lose once a year if they need him. Murray should be interesting too. Good matchup.

I'm a huge Don Wittman fan. I think he's the most under rated play-by-play man in CBC's line-up. I wonder if they had Murray work any simulated games at the end of the season or if he's going in green?

I eagerly await the first time Mark Lee gets confused and refers to Ethan Moreau as "Hayley Wickenheiser".

I'd sponge-bathe Greg Millen if it meant avoiding Wittman. I have no idea what the Wittman fans are on about--he's the emptiest head in the business. Getting him as a substitute for Chris Cuthbert is like ordering sherbet and getting shit.

Based on the fact that we're breaking down broadcast's time for the series to start.

Count me among the Wittman fans. And if Colby hates him, then I am satisfied that I am right about that.

Well that's nice to know, atleast this way I won't get surprised and have Bill Randford doing colour. That was quite the unpleasent surprise this season.

On another note, which games if any will be in HD given that they don't have Toronto games to broadcast?

Good to see Legace is trying to fuck over Smytty already.

Half the Ottawa games and half the Montreal games get the HD truck in the first round.

I've never been impressed with Wittman. It's a shame that they let Chris Cuthbert go. And why isn't Hughson calling one of the series?

I never thought I'd say this, but with Mike Emrick and Chris Cuthbert as their two lead play-by-play guys, NBC has the edge announcers-wise over the Canadian network. And yes, this is in spite of JD.

I should have clicked on the link before asking about Hughson. Oh well.

Any chance that the great Dick Irvin Jr. makes a cameo in the Habs series?

Any chance that the great Dick Irvin Jr. makes a cameo in the Habs series?

Does the Pope shit in the woods?

Man, have you noticed John Garrett's earlobes lately? Fucking amazing.

I remember him fondly from his days with the Oilers at ITV, but he's nothing compared to Ray Ferraro (who I assume is with NBC for the playoffs), especially since he actually doesn't say more much we already know.

Oh well, I'm still trying to figure out how to tape tomorrow's game properly with my piece of shit VCR. What a wonderful kick off to the series.

that is the best news I've heard all day...actually the leafs firing Quinn was also good news too :D

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