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8 games: 5 CGY regulation wins, 1 EDM regulation win, 1 EDM overtime win, 1 EDM shootout win.

Goals: CGY 26, EDM 17

Points: CGY 12, EDM 6 (difference of 6)

Present CGY lead over EDM in Standings: 6

Number of refs who tonight assured themselves they won't be working the postseason: 1. In the end, the right call was made, but how can the ref call Torres for highsticking, then forget to blow the whistle while the Oilers rag the puck around? I might have seen that happen before, but never for more than a second or two. In this case, Roloson had time to get to the bench...

Flames Sacks/Hurries on Oilers D-men: waaaay too many to count

Good Chances for Tommy to Complete his Hat-Trick: about 4

The 1st Goal by Langkow, How Often Does a Flame Forward Convert a Perfect Setup From Iginla Like That?: Maybe 40%

So Matt, did you laugh much when Hughson pointed out that the Oilers were trying to play Peca and Pronger against the Iginla line, then remembered to further point out that the Iginla line had all 3 goals to that point?: Yes I did

Tonight's Goal Totals for Two Guys Who Have Dressed as Flames Forwards this Season: Reinprecht 3, Leclerc 0

Are the Oilers going to make the playoffs?: Probably, but they have to be better. Back around Christmas, mudcrutch (among others, but most notably) did a pretty good job of demonstrating that the Oilers were succeeding in spite of abysmal goaltending. I'll have to take a look at the updated (or rather, the 2nd half) numbers. I doubt their scoring is as good lately, and I doubt that their xGA is as low as it once was.

Best Period of the Battle of Alberta so far this Season: Period 1 of Game 8, tonight. Just mean and rough enough to make me believe that a playoff series could go that way.

See you in the funny pages, Oil fans. Or, the Conference Finals. Whatever.


A gracious recap that skips past the gloating, so you get points for tact, Matt.

The first period was gold, although somewhat marred by my obsession with the Oilers inability to lead after the first period ALL SEASON. Over on CinO, I've been saying this is a better Oil team than they've been playing, but I'm also starting to forget the last time I saw an example of it.

Anyone interested in my "SAY NO TO PECA (on the PP)" t-shirts?

you lucky guys.
you went to bed and tried to doze your headaches, stomachburns away.
I woke up this morn, first thing learned the Oils lost, a must-win game, to the relics of a team shipped in, in from Atlanta, a teams of farters.
Argh! it's a beautiful day here in Europe and people are beginning to ask me "why that tear in my eyes?", that won't go away.

P.S.: can someone over there explain me this lousy, awful home record?

Let's keep this in perspective, shall we? The Battle of Alberta never ends; next year there will be eight more games, most just as dramatic and bitter as tonight's. But this may be the last time Big Georges is on Hockey Night in Canada. And it may be the last time you get to see him beat on Chris Simon's empty head until the ice looks like a stockyard floor.

Calgary can keep the points. I'll take the memory.

For a team with a very good D, Oilers gave up too many 2-on-0's in the first (one) and then appeared to lose focus.

Oilers/Flames games have been sucky since that 1-0 Marc Savard game years ago. They have hand big time.

Agree with colby on Georges, although they could have shown the blood, I was in that kind of mood lol. Thank goodness TSN had boxing.

I'm just wondering when the Cosh-led 'Roloson circle jerk' will finally come to an end?

Take off the blinders folks! Your marginal improvement in goal is going to fetch you the same result come playoff time.

Oh what a glorious night!!

My team, which I keep hearing can only score 2 goals a game, gets 4! But it still only needed 2!!

Mikka was great, Jarmoe was great, Dion was great, I could go on.

The Oilers, who have made their season eking out comebacks in the third get only 5 shots!! And give up one goal!!

The only chip in the paint was losing the big fight. But, it was still a pretty good hockey fight.

And Matt was wrong about Huselius and Samsonov being more or less the same player. Less night Tommy was much much more.

Less night Tommy was much much more.

Good to see that the Calgary public school system hasn't improved much over the years.

I wish I knew how to type the "groan of anguish" that Chewbacca made in the old Star Wars movies. Mere words can not describe how this long term Oilfan feels...

How I feel regarding last night's big win in regards to Oilers fans was best summed up by Pinhead back in the those hoary old "Hellraiser" films...
"Your suffering is...delicious."

For a second there, I thought you were referring to Darryl Sutter when you quoted "Pinhead."

The Flames are obviously a much better team.
Let's keep it a bit real here. The Flames are 3 games better than the Oilers. And you still haven't even won the division, let alone a playoff round. I know that winning a season series may be a year's highlight for Calgarians, but try and keep some perspective.

Matt is probably the first Flames fan I've seen that can actually be objective and humble even when he has a right to gloat. Every other Flames fan insists that the Stanley Cup should automatically be awarded to the Flames because they are just so darn good.

That wasn't a good hockey fight at all. On paper it looked good, but in reality, Simon did not land a punch.

Finally, I think it's amazing that a Flames fan cannot even spell 'Miikka' right. He's your whole team, is it that hard to memorize? Or have you been too busy jumping onto bandwagons to care?

are flames fans the same as leaf fans? i can't tell the difference anymore. did you raise banners for almost winning the cup. it's kinda like when calgary had that 10 year after the olympics parade where you dusted off your old sun-ice jackets. that was a cool idea.

I'm sure every Flames fan is gloating this morning, and as much as it disgusts me, they have that right. I'm so sick of the Flames dominance, but it would be funny if they got knocked off in the 1st round

Don't worry Oilfans, we shall get our revenge....

go Oil!!!

I'm so tired of the sour grape Oiler crowd crying that MIIKKA (sorry, my Calgary public school education was a little short on spelling Finnish proper nouns. I understand there is greater emphasis in the curriculum offered in the City of Former Champions) is the Flames' whole team. It's just not so.

He's a big piece of the puzzle for sure, but you can't win with just a goaltender (see: Florida Panthers) unless the rest of your team can play a bit. And not many goalies (Rolly, maybe) would have given up 5 goals and a loss in the Flames' net last night.

Anyway, it's a beautiful spring day in Calgary, and despite all the negativity around this web site, everyone here seems to be smiling.

Go Flames.

And not many goalies (Rolly, maybe) would have given up 5 goals and a loss in the Flames' net last night.

Wow. Can I get some of that Kool-Aid?

Can you get some of that Kool-Aid?

You Oilers guys have been drinking it all season. I don't know why you'd need any of mine.

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