Wednesday, March 08, 2006


What a bargoon!

Mac-T shoots K-Lowe in the head with this quote:

"Yeah. We've got good prospects. We're prepared to make a deal. We're prepared to overpay. We have to add something in here to help this team now."


Sac, is this part of "guess the comment week"? It isn't showing on my version of Firefox, although when I hold the right mouse button and scoll to the side in the space where the quote should be, the Canoe source info and a Google search for the quote about being prepared to overpay appears.

That said, I'm not sure that MacT isn't perfectly reflecting the reality of the market. Anyone not prepared to overpay will likely get nowhere. It seems more acute this season, but deadline moves have always been about buyers throwing too much at sellers. With the earlier deadline and fewer teams willing to sewer their season, there won't be any bargains. If Lowe feels pressured by a public statement of the screamingly obvious, or thinks his bargaining position has been weakened, he needs a new line of work. If the Oilers want a goalie upgrade and maybe a secondary scorer that are proven commodities, one of the six regular D and a serious prospect or two are the likely tariff.

It's showing up now, Sac.

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