Friday, March 03, 2006


The topic that will not die

I was hoping that it wouldn't come to this, but K-Lowe has stalled . . . er . . . showed so much patience that I finally had to break down.

It's time for some good ol' arm-chair goalie evaluation. Actual commentary is welcomed.







Wow. That post is a piece of pure brilliance. Very nice indeed. And it pretty much sums it up nicely :P

Yeah, that's pretty damn inspired. Huzzah! (He's back, baby...)

After reading the comments from yesterday, I have to admit that I prefer Roloson above all of those options. If it came to ranking, then obviously Luongo would be #1, but a longshot to acquire. Roloson would be #2, Biron #3, Cujo #4, Belfour #5.

I think the most important factor in the search for a goalie is that the Oilers give up the second fewest shots per game, and so getting a goaltender who is used to seeing 30+ shots a game isn't going to help the Oilers. We need a guy who can go 5-7 minutes without seeing a shot, and then when the shot comes, be prepared to make the save. I think that guy is Roloson. He comes from a defensive team where he wouldn't get much action for a period, but would still remain sharp.

The only downside to Roloson is who do we trade to get him, and how do we not kick ourselves when the team chasing the Oilers for the last playoff spot has a former Oiler player with a grudge.

I'm with you Chanandler. Not becuase roloson is the best of teh batch but because the oilers can make that trade.

I think Cujo would do for a pinch though.

Off topic here, but is that suicide pic of Ryan Adams?

You might be right that Roloson is a nice fit, but why would Minnie trade him to us - a team they are chasing for the final playoff spot?

It is, indeed, Ryan Adams.

That's interesting to me, as after seeing him at the Folk Fest last year I declared that he was "Kobain-ing" it.

I agree that the Wild probably won't trade Roloson, which is too bad. I still think fleecing Mike Milbury is the best option. Ultimately, I would rather keep Jussi in net than pick up either Cujo or Belfour.

The issue of Minnie trading Roloson to us is definitely a legitimate one. I know I would be very very hesitant to make any trade with the team you are trying to catch for the playoffs. I think it is a long-shot at best, but I still think it would be the best fit for the oilers.

If the Oilers had to give up less to get Rolo than it would cost them to get Biron or another goalie, I would be all for it.

And from Minnie's perspective, it is better for them to get something for Rolo now, rather than lose him to free agency.

One friend of mine swears that under a salary cap GM's can no longer refuse to deal with team's in their own division, you have to deal with any team who can meet your terms, ie. salary. I look forward to seeing if this proves true as the deadline comes near.

I'm basically thrilled that the Oil's next goalie is coming to town with a nickname already picked out: "Candy Ass". This is gonna be great!

Does that mean you'll call Luongo by his Sacamano Nickname and grovel appropriately if we go out and grab him? It's still far from the likeliest case, but as I see it, it gets a little more likely with each passing day.

I can't seriously believe that we could pull off Luongo. I mean if Mike Millbury was running the Florida Panthers I could see it, but I don't think Mike Kenean is as utterly incompetent. We'd likely have to give up far more than we could part with to get Luongo. On the other hand if its possible praise the lord?

I don't think Roloson is a possibility. I don't think it would make sense for Minnesota to help another team in their own division, especially while they remain in the playoff hunt. I think if we get a goaltender, and we certainly need one that we're looking at Cujo, Biron, or possibly Raycroft. Biron would be preferable, but Cujo could likely be had for less. And we don't need an outstanding goaltender..just one who would be neautral to the sucess of the team as opposed to a glaring weakness.

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