Sunday, March 19, 2006


That's what I'm talkin about

Iginla with a goal and an assist in the 3rd period of the second of back-to-back games was sweet. But to be clear and direct, the best thing about tonight's game was that the winning goal: Jarome was ragging the puck for a bunch of the shift as so often happens, and eventually created a scoring chance for someone as so often happens (in this case, Tommy), who showed some hands/talent and buried it in the back of the frickin' net! Hallelujah.

Amazing note from scoreboard watching: ever hear of a guy going +5 in a loss? Congratulations, Rob Blake.


I'm sure Ference is entirely to blame for the 86-shots-on-goal-in-two-nights thing. Is it OK to mention that your team is turning into the Panthers, or...?

I can't speak for the Nashville game, but I sure didn't think there was an imbalance in play for the Wild. They were better in the 2nd, Flames were better in the 1st, it was back & forth in the 3rd.

Kipper only made one stupid-good save. It definitely didn't seem like he was getting pelted.

The Wild's shot total in this game was inflated by the lopsided man-advantage situation...the Wild had 7 powerplays over the course of the game (to Calgary's 3), including a full 2 minute long 5on3. That said, I'd really like it if the Flames would stop taking so many penalties.

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