Friday, March 17, 2006


Swedish Woes

Does anyone feel bad for Markus Naslund? I know I don't, but there must be someone out there who does.

I mean, the guy gives up probably his final opportunity to play with what was unquestionably a sublime generation of Swedish hockey players (Sundin, Forsberg, Lidstrom, Alfredsson, Holmstrom, Jonsson, Havelid, etc.) -- who finally lived up to expectations by winning the Olympic gold medal in Turin -- in order to rest himself for an NHL playoff stretch run over which the Canucks have so far gone 2-6, dropping them to 8th in the West (and having played 3 more games than both Anaheim [2 points back] and San Jose [3 points back]).

One wonders how bad their record would have been with a "tired" Markus Naslund in the line-up.

Afterall, Detroit's 5 Swedes have only managed to put up a 6-2 record over that period.


I don't feel one iota sorry for Nazzy. He made the decision to stay home and rest for a mediocore team.

There's talkin Vancouver right now that there is a split in the dressing room between the Nazzy-Bert side,and the rest of the room.

Nazzy-Bert. If there has been a bigger waste of potential in sports, I've yet to see it. They both play like the world owes them something. Unfortunately, they are draggin a not bad team down with them.

Not sure if anyone remembers, but a couple years ago, Nazzy talked about retiring and even had his house for sale. What do the Nucks do? They give him a huge deal to keep him there, and than last season, Bert makes it known he won't sign if Nazzy isn't there.

Coincidentally, they both suck now, and maybe even each other.

Nucks fan deserve better.

What an incredibly ignorant post..Nazlund was having a fine season until he suffered one of the NHL's many injuries this season. He's struggled a bit since then, but he did the honourable thing and tried to rest up for his employer. I don't think there are a large number of players who have the skill game that Nazlund brings to the table, however, this year his play hasn't been helped by the subpar efforts of his line mates. I wouldn't be surprised if at some point he winds up on Swede line with the Sedins.

That'd be a typical fate for Anson Carter, whose presence finally carried that pair of chunkheads to the level they were expected to reach (and who continues to get eaten alive by nitpickers). I'm still hoping for A.C.'s sake that he has finally put down roots in this league.

I'm sure Anson Carter doesn't have as much to do with the Sedins improved play as the two of them being two years older and more developed in their ability to play the game. They're both in their mid-20s now, right when you would expect a pro-athlete to be entering into his prime.


Oh boo hoo hoo, Nazzy got hurt.

He is by far the softest supposed superstar the league has ever seen. Highly over rated, and never able to lead his team to the promised land.

He stays home and Sweden wins. Forsberg goes over injured and they win. hmmmmm?

I do agree that Naslund brings one of the best skill sets to the game of hockey today, but when was the last time you actually saw it? Nazzy used to go to the net with vigor, and now he plays the perimeter. That's like owning a Ferarri and choosing to drive it in 2nd gear all the time.

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