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Samsonov is an Oiler [updated again]

Hey, hey, hey. Great news. D-vo isn't going anywhere.

The bad news is that the other object of my unwarranted man-crush affections -- Marty Reasoner - is gonzo along with a draft pick and a "non-roster player" whatever that is.

As I've said on numerous occasions, Reasoner provides the kind of instant chemistry/do anything type of player that is hard to replace. But . . . I'm over it.

A few questions:
[Update]: Dean McAmmond was also reported to be coming to town, but TSN reports that they didn't get it done in time. Another depth guy with some decent scoring ability would have been nice, but I'm not crushed about Dean not coming back. Yan Stastny is apparently the non-roster player which hurts and makes the rental price seem even higher to me.

Man, has Kevin Lowe had a big year or what?


SAMSONOV - 27 years old
Career Statistics
1997-1998 BOS 81 22 25 47 9 8 159 13.8 7 8 0 0 3 0 0:00 0:00
1998-1999 BOS 79 25 26 51 -6 18 160 15.6 6 10 0 0 8 1 0:00 0:00
1999-2000 BOS 77 19 26 45 -6 4 145 13.1 6 8 0 0 3 0 0:00 0:00
2000-2001 BOS 82 29 46 75 6 18 215 13.5 3 15 0 1 3 2 0:00 0:00
2001-2002 BOS 74 29 41 70 21 27 192 15.1 3 12 0 0 4 0 0:00 0:00
2002-2003 BOS 8 5 6 11 8 2 23 21.7 1 1 0 0 3 0 20:20 14:47
2003-2004 BOS 58 17 23 40 12 4 132 12.9 3 13 0 0 5 1 17:27 25:18
2005-2006 BOS 55 18 19 37 -3 22 107 16.8 6 10 0 0 1 0 16:53 25:05
Career -- 514 164 212 376 41 103 1133 14.5 35 77 0 1 30 4 -- --


Christ...That seriously sucks for Dvorak. I would have much rather seen Torres go the other way.

What about the blockbuster between Detroit and Pittsburgh? Cory Cross is going to be a Red Wing. Now I seriously hope the Oilers end up playing Detroit in the playoffs.

I like the Samsonov deal. D-vo wasn't missed at all during his injury. It just sucks for Sacamano because he loved to take D-vo in his predictions for goals.

It seems like an upgrade to me. Perhaps samsonov has upside?

I've read a couple of times that Sergei is a UFA. He's gotta be a rental.

He is a rental -- he is UFA this summer and he he's looking for a big pay day. Dvorak is a price to pay for a rental. Especially when it only guarantees a first round playoff defeat.

Sportsnet reports that the deal is for Reasoner, a draft pick and a "non-roster" player...where did you hear Dvo was going the other way?

i was hearing it was samsonov for MAB.
Now that scared me...

now there's rumours that McCammond is going to edmonton...

team 1260 just reported it.

Holy shit.

Look at the D-men Vancouver picked up. Carney, Weinrich

Willie Mitchell in Dallas

Calgary picked up Jamie Lundmark

Mirtle is reporting that the Oil have picked up McCammond as well, but no news of what they gave up for him. TSN is reporting that the "non-roster player" is Yan Stastny, which sucks.

I thought I just heard that the McAmmond deal didn't get done in time and was rejected by the League.

There's a guy on Oilfans who's buddies with MAB, he says it's Winchester.

I heard MacKenzie say the McAmmond thing was a no-go as well.

Samsonov has a lot of one on one skill, and IIRC, Glen Murray was the guy most affected by Thornton moving. He's an upgrade to the top two lines, and if you have Peca ahead of Reasoner on the depth chart, the Oilers didn't give up a player in their top 9 forwards, kept all their D, and didn't really thin out the prospect pool. Lowe did a fair bit better than OK for himself.

Well, now that Lundmark is on the Flames, i'm not sure who improved more, Edmonton or Calgary.....

Besides, did we really need another Oilers alumni? Especially someone that would just fill another spot on an already crowded fourth line.

Not really sad about Reasoner, but Stastny showed promise.


I hate to see Reasoner go, but Samsanov, one time projected to be #1 overall, will help the Oil. They need a guy who can put the puck in the net consistently. He could be like Nedved a couple years ago and really play his ass off if he's looking for a better deal, or he could be a bust. Who knows?

I know I lost a lot of $$$$ on those Samsanov prospect cards!

Calgary Flames trade Jason Weimer to New Jersey for a fourth round draft pick.


canucks improved the most overall

That's all he cost us? Reasoner and a player the Bruins had already? Awesome. Samsonov is sick. A great play maker. His only downside-and it is substantial-is that he is injured often.

All we need from Sammy is 20 regular season games--and 16 wins in the playoffs, however long that takes.

In other words, Cosh is in favour of a long contract extension...

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