Thursday, March 09, 2006


Roli the Goalie

Having slept on it, and having read the jackals at TSN, HF, and Oilfans, I've decided that snagging Roli was a great move.

Look, Luongo wasn't available, there is simply no way we could have stayed with Conky and Jussi down the stretch, and--despite what some would have you believe--everyone else out there has question marks.

Biron? What exactly has he done to earn the mad props he's getting?
Belfour? Puh-leeze
Theodore? Thank you for killing Colorado's chances this season.
Cujo? What the . . .
Noronen? - could be Kipper, could be Jussi. A great pick-up in the offseason, a risky pick-up in a playoff stretch run.

Tyler has all the relevant numbers for those of you who are inclined to trust statistics more than your eyes, but for me, the most important observation has been made repeatedly by K-Lowe and Mac-T over the last few days. We don't need an all-world goaltender. We need one or two more saves per game. That's it. That's all. Anything else is gravy at this point.

The bottom line is that Roli will give the Oilers a chance to win more games. Added bonus, K-Lowe has, yet again, added without subtracting from the current team. Maybe Oilers fans have been in the "think about the future" mode for too long. This is a move that helps the present. A novel approach for E-town.

[Update] Sadly, Mayor Quimby was picked up by the Sens.
[Update 2]: Cosh has some thoughts on the trade here.


Eyes lie. Numbers don't. Tyler's crunching was a dagger in the heart of the Joe Morgan fanclub.

As Matt said earlier, it's go time. Bring on the Kernkraft 400.

Chris Gratton wasn't actually traded today? That HAS to be a first.

I'm new here, so why do you refer to MIke Morrisson as Mayor Quimby?

crazycoach, check out here

Thanks Sac!

Being forced to live in Nucks land (BC), I don't get to hear much about my Oil, or to even hear sound clips.

Sad to see that Mayor Quimby is gone. He would have made a good backup to Devan Dubnyk in a few years.

The question is, who will Dubnyk be backing up?

I think he was referring to the TSN message board excerpts..

It's hard to say who Dunyk will be backing up, but based on what I've seen from him in the Blazers games I've watched, he could play in the NHL for a long time.

The only knock I would have against Dubnyk is that he tends to let the odd soft one in early.

Letting one soft goal in early is the Oilers' way. Dubnyk will fit in just fine.


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