Sunday, March 05, 2006


Orbs of Power do it again

I have a tough time getting excited about afternoon games, but overall it was a nice game by the Oil today.


Wait, wasn't Conklin pretty good during the stretch drive last season? Does this mean we can ride him until we get another goaltender?

You mean all the way until the trade deadline on Thursday?

Considering how rare it is to have the same goalie start consecutive games with the Oil, then yeah, it is pretty significant. Conks could start four games in a row, that's amazing for us.

Well, to be fair, at the start of the season Mac-T started Jussi back to back to back until he exploded, and then he did the same thing with Conks, then back to Jussi, etc.

But, yeah, you're right, lately it has been pretty rare for anyone to get anything back-to-back.

It's got to be pretty unusual for a guy to get consecutive starts two weeks after he's been successfully waived through the league, doesn't it?

Fun stat: the Oilers have now outshot their opponents 309-229 in the last ten games, winning only two of them in regulation time.

If I wasn't so weary of the goalie trade talk, that statistic might have fired me up again.

What are the Goals For/Against in that period? I would be intrigued to see whether the problem has been our goaltending or our goal scoring.

Andy, the goals for (not counting shootouts) were 29. The opposition save % was .906. Goals against were 33, with the Oilers' save % being a dazzling .856. So, the goal scoring was no hell, but .856, well, enough said.

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