Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Oilers Game Day - Wild

Season Record: 36-24-12 Season Record: 32-32-7


Here we are again. If the Oilers pull out a win tonight, they have a chance at grabbing a share of the NW division lead (not including games in hand, obviously).

So far, the home team in the Oilers-Wild tilts is 1-5.

The first goal is always big, but the fact that Fernandez has given up 9 goals in the last two games suggests that it might be particularly so tonight.
"We're just a fragile team right now," Wild forward Wes Walz said. "It seems like when we have a little bit of adversity, when something goes wrong, you can feel it on the bench, it kind of sinks. Unless we get a goal or something really positive happens, it's tough. I think falling out of the playoff race takes the wind out of your sails for sure."
Getting 5+ points out of this four game home stand is almost required. I really don't see it being a problem. The Wild are disinterested. After losing to Vancouver and playing Calgary the day before they come to Edmonton, the Kings are probably also going to be deflated. The Flames are choking, and Phoenix has Mike Comrie.

Scoreboard Watching:


Someone let Matt know that that huge blue blur with the powerful orbs coming up in his rear view mirror is us, and we aren't likely to swerve out of the way to avoid running him over :P

Minny has won 1 home game against the Oilers this year....when Gator did his best Smytty impression and screened Rolo for the tying goal...they eventually won it 4-3 on March 12th

Ack. You're right. I've updated it.

Honest to Christ!

I didn't see the game, but I heard Rollie the flop let in 2 goals on 4 shots in the third. 3 goals on 16 shots for the game.

This was the guy they gave up a first rounder for?

Honest to Christ, if the Oil don't make the playoffs, fire Lowe, MacT, and the rest of the alumni in the front office.

Abso-godamn-lutely unacceptable.

3 goals on 16 shots?

Oh my heart aches for even Peter Ing these days.


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