Friday, March 03, 2006


Oilers Game Day - Sharks

Season Record: 30-21-8 Season Record: 28-21-8


What's to say? The Oilers need to win this game.

Quimby has had the Sharks' number in shootouts, and he at least had the decency to say that he was "embarrassed for all of us" regarding the Oilers' collective goaltenders' 8 save debacle vs. St. Louise.

On the plus side, LeGG is making his usual "stretch/needs a new contract" run. He was pretty good vs. St. L. and has apparently been promoted to a line with Pisani and Reasoner.

Prediction: 4-3 Oilers in a shootout.


I'm going to predict that we horribly outshoot the Sharks, let in three soft goals in the first period, pull the goalie, and come up short at the end of the game. That seems to be the MO of the team the last little while, so why not go with it until we get a goalie with, oh, I dunno, something resembling talent and composure? (I'm not bitter at all)

It is a sad day indeed for Oiler pride when I can make a claim like that, and nobody disputes it :/

I see TSN is reporting that Conky is getting the start tonight. It lives! (It looks around, flops, gets confused, etc..)

If Conky is in net tonight, then the concessions are going to make a killing on liquor sales, i'm only going to be drinking doubles now.

We've moved far beyond alcohol. I fully expect someone to set up a cyanide-laced barrel of Kool-Aid outside Rexall.

Not that I'm in any way supporting this decision (what a great way to break in the new Centre Ice package; odds are I will have broken the TV by the second) but who else would you start?

Didn't Quimby only face two shots?

Well, 3-2 win for the Oil. Someone pass the mustard, I'm ready to eat my words. I'm happy to do it, really. We still need a goalie :P

Hemsky's GWG was a thing of beauty.


That Hemsky goal was absolutely insane. It reminded me of some of the vintage highlight reel stuff they show of Bobby Orr, he just swooped in there and completely undressed the opposition. That was one of the prettiest plays I've ever seen in a hockey game.

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