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Oilers Game Day - Dallas

Season Record: 32-21-8 Season Record: 40-18-3


I'll admit, it has been tough getting back into the swing of things around here post-Olympics. But there is nothing like an Oilers-Stars tilt to get the juices flowing. Especially when you discover that someone has put together a collection of Rod Phillips Highlights of the 1997 playoff series vs Dallas. I know some people are tired of Dallas-Edmonton playoff series, but I'd take it in a heartbeat.

Could tonight's game be Conklin's Last Stand? Question: what happens if Conklin pitches a shutout tonight? I'm scared to think.

With respect to the trade deadline, Robert Tychkowski drops this bit of news:

It's not a blockbuster trade, but the Edmonton Oilers are close to acquiring an experienced, playoff-tested checking forward.

And they won't have to give up anything in return when Michael Peca returns to the lineup.

Alas, he doesn't elaborate. Speculation is welcome. Arnason? Parrish?

K-Lowe also had some interesting comments:

"It looks like there's going to be a real premium on prospects. Not draft choices or players who were drafted but are still three or four years away. Prospects. High end prospects. Maybe guys off your team."

Being up to his ears in it, Lowe is probably as good a barometer as you're going to find for how the deadline dealing will pan out.

"I'm starting to think it could be quiet.

"At the end of the day, I think the asking prices are not going to be worth it.

. . .

Joseph is still probably the best bet.

"If Curtis is available and the deal is reasonable, we definitely have interest. He has a history here," said Lowe.

. . .

"I'm optimistic. Like you say, we've done a good job drafting the last few years. You never want to give up anybody.

"But we have some pretty desirable players. We think we can add to our team without disrupting our future."

Trade the farm, baby.


Speculation is welcome? OK, how about smells like Matthew Barnaby.

Despite the fact that he's only ever had one decent playoff year (i.e. where he even scored a single goal), and his teams haven't achieved anything in years, some people still seem to believe that he's a good guy to have on the roster. I disagree completely, but it sounds like a K-Lowe move to me...

Uhhh... Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Tychkowski means that Peca's return will be like a deadline deal for the Oil.

Whooops. You're absolutely right. That's what I get for just skimming articles and reading headlines.

Sac, I just assumed that was a massive shot at Peca... you could have kept your mouth closed and gotten some cheap laughs (from me, anyhow).

Dallas-Edmonton again?

Wake me when its over. I am so sick and tired of this playoff matchup. Probably because I am tired of Dallas winning it every time.


I've felt that way in the past, but it's different now. If we get hold of the bastards this year we don't have to feel (even if K-Lo backs down at the trading deadline) like we're climbing the Pointe du Hoc on D-Day. In the past, the guys we didn't have an answer for were Zubov and Lehtinen--and I'm sorry to sound like it's still September 5, but Peca and Pronger are about as good as answers come.

True enough CC,

This is a better team than years past, where they just seemed content to lose to Dallas, send a few players to the World Championships, then wait till next year.

Here's hoping its a good one tonight!

Wow. Terrific first period. No whistles, and more hitting than I've seen in any game this season. If this is a preview of playoffs, I'm a happy man.

Christ--Jussi Jokinen on a penalty shot against Ty Conklin. Is that the all-time definition of a "gimme" right there?

No doubt. Brutal. But it is now 3-3 with 5 mins left. If this isn't an Ethan Moreau type game, I don't know what is.

C'mon Quimby!

Alright..Dallas are some sort of genetically engineered shoot out Robots. "Da commrade, must score in shoot out..dzz dzz"

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