Saturday, March 11, 2006


Oilers Game Day - Columbus

Season Record: 32-22-9 Season Record: 25-36-2


The Oil are back in action tonight and they can't afford to lay another egg.

Word is that Hemsky might sit out with the flu, meaning that Samsonov would take his place on one of the top two lines.

The Juice is likely to start in net since they play Minnie tomorrow.

Also, it is Smytty's 700th game in Oilers' silks -- look for a big one from the mullet.

Prediction: 5-3 Oilers. Smyth(2), Samsonov, Pronger, Bergeron


Jesus. They had a 2-0 lead, as well as a 3-1 lead, and blew it. They gave up 17 shots alone in the 2nd,with less penalties than Columbus. Did anyone actually see the game? Please splain.

I gather this game fell through the TV scheduling cracks. Which is just as well. You've got to like the look of that Hemsky-Samsonov combo on the scoresheet though.

Roloson needs to stay in his net more and less of the his juggling act with the puck ( setting it up for his d-man or trying to shovel it off into the corner/behind the net ). I saw him do that a few times in the SJ game and almost get caught out of position - tonight the CBJ's GW was a direct result of that ( as well as MAB crashing into him that led to the mad scramble in the crease thereafter :(

This is one of those games that diffinetly got away IMO.

One of you Rolo-Messiah types really needs to keep a running list of those one or two extra saves per game Duane is making compared to Conklin or Juicy.

Or is Roloson the anti-Fuhr ... he'll lose the game, but stop that extra goal or two which would make it a blowout or embarassment?

On the other hand, it's early days yet.

It is early days, but the Oil faithful are going to learn the same thing the Flames faithful learned about Rolly about 10 years ago. I think you are going to miss Quimby a lot a year or two from now.

And this games brings the Oil back to .500 (32 wins vs 32 losses). I think their OT record is about .500, too.

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