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Is it possible to be both disgusted and relieved about last night's loss?

Look, it is no secret that the Oiler haven't been playing well since just before the Olympic break. Even the wins have been shaky. But last night they actually played pretty well. In fact, for short periods they completely dominated Minnie, and overall they certainly outplayed them. That's the good news.

Alas, it was one of those games where every mistake turns into a goal against. As far as I can remember, the Wild scored on three of their 4 (5 at most) good scoring opportunities. The Oilers . . . missed a few. Smyth missed a wide open net. Horc missed a wide open net. Staois missed a wide open net.

Two of the Wild goals were breakaways, and one was a two on one. Rollie should have been able to stop at least one of them, but it wasn't as if they were entirely terrible. On two of them Greene pinched and got burned. That's just a dumb rookie mistake x 2. I know Ullie had some tough games, but I'd bring him back.

In short, it's a bummer and that's about it. San Jose and Anaheim both lost, so it didn't hurt nearly as bad as it could have.

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I've come around. I'm no longer a fan of Peca.

He is firmly in my "Anson Carter" category. Occassionally effective, usually lazy. I'll shed no tears when he leaves.

After the final minute of last night's game, I don't see how anyone could still be in the Peca Fan Club.

For starters, it was a pretty good laugh when Kevin Quinn said, "and Michael Peca will come on as the 6th attacker!". On that last scoring chance where Smyth came from behind the net, I don't think it was possible for Peca to have worse puck instincts (puck in front of the net - Peca nowhere in the picture; the instant the puck goes to the right corner - here comes Peca, peeling by the net towards the left corner; phenomenal).

No doubt. He should be stapled to the bench when last minute offense or OT is required.

I don't buy your 'meh' for a second.

Yesterday you said 5+ points were required in this homestand and you pretty much have to run the table to get those (the + piece, anyway). Which won't be easy if Rollover is going to stop only 81 percent of the pucks he sees in the next three games and MacT insists on sending Peca (Peca!) out as his extra atacker.

Go Flames!

Obviously I would have preferred a win, but if the Oilers can't get 12 points out of these remaining games, they don't deserve to be in playoffs:

@ Minnesota
@ Chicago
@ St. Louis
@ Detroit

Did you guys see Cosh today on Bob McKenzie? Priceless:

"Really? What's left behind then? The fatuous, attention-seeking child? The strutting, mercenary whore?"

It's worth a read.

I think the Oilers will be hard pressed to get 12 points out of those 9 games, especially if they take their chances in OT in 4 of them, which seems to be about their usual rate.

Having said that, I'm not convinced teams will need 96 points to get in. If they get to 96, they are certainly in, but with all the games they play each other down the stretch I think 94 points will do it. It's likely the Oilers will get 10 points out of those games. It is going to be pretty close though.

You might be right about the 94 points, but Edmonton will need at least one more point than 9th place because they are behind on the first tie-breaker (# of wins) with everyone.

Zorak actually has the Oilers missing the post-season with 94 points in a tiebreaker with the Cauncks.

"I've come around. I'm no longer a fan of Peca.

He is firmly in my "Anson Carter" category."

You only wish he was Anson Carter. 30 goals, plus player, 7 GWG. Not many guys at $1M providing that in the league right now.

You only wish he was Anson Carter. 30 goals, plus player, 7 GWG. Not many guys at $1M providing that in the league right now.

Two words: contract year.

That's all true abouty Carter. But there are a hell of a lot of guys who provide about the same ability and level of effort - and don't get 35 goals. Me, I'll take the production. I can find plenty of "character" hard nosed fourth liners to get 8 goals a year and work their asses off. Someone has to put the puck in the net. COntract year? Sure. Just looks like a better and better deal the Canucks made.

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