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Matt's Worst Nightmare



he he

That was a good one!

Now if only it was true....

I should point out that it is not a sacamano production, but was sent to me by an alert reader.

How come Matt's worst nightmare isn't a picture of Darryl Sutter? Theoretically, he could have had Samsonov for one of his 30 thousand checkers, or even for a sniper like Mike Leclerc. Instead he picked up Jamie Lundmark, yet another son of Edmonton. The conclusion: Sutter DOESN'T WANT his team to score goals. He wants to get as many able bodies as he can to clog every space on the ice. If we let that drag run the league, you'd get a penaly for not clutching and grabbing.

To be fair, Sutter did say that he wasn't going to acquire any players to help his team -- and he didn't. Zing!

No doubt! If only the Flames had someone with the proven track record of Kevin Lowe as GM... then we could have picked up an "offensive dynamo" who has never averaged a point per game in 8 NHL seasons, or scored 30 goals.

Actually, I think we need to keep track of Samsonov's and Lundmark's goals going forward, maybe in the sidebar (and also provide updates on Record After Trading Deadline). I hope the discrepancy doesn't embarrass me too badly.

At least Lowe addressed his team's needs by trading for Roloson, instead of simply adding the same type of player even when scorers like Samsonov were available.

Well you were prescient with these predictions, Matt:

- Chuck Kobasew making the leap
- Tony Amonte still having some touch
- Darren McCarty able to keep up with the flow
- Hamrlik exerting control in the Flames end
- Good puck control by Langkow

So I'm sure you'll be dead on with Lundmark.

Is it just me, or is Grabia really making heavy use of the carving knife lately? The dude has got no mercy.

It must be the lack of the NFL and MLB in my life. It's a hard time for me right now.

The NCAA tournament can't come too soon.

I knew there was something fishy about the lack of hyperlink there, Grabia. Everyone else can go see where I discussed these items here.

I'd call them, well, what's the opposite of 'predictions'? Andy, if you want to hack on my predictive abilities, there's tens of thousands of words on this site; I'm sure you can find something I actually said to skewer. (Also, related: what is my Lundmark prediction, and what would constitute 'dead-on'?)

Here's an actual prediction: Samsonov will be less productive in his first 20 games as an Oiler than Kristian Huselius was in his 1st 20 as a Flame. They're virtually the same player.

I honestly don't know if Lundmark was brought in to be the 13th forward, or a 2nd-liner. I just know that the difference between his 2 goals and Samsonov's 6 for the rest of the year is hardly worth the fuss made over Sammy (he's not Alexander Ovechkin, folks).

Samsonov is a fuckin' band-aid.
Is he even healthy right now?
How long before the headaches and tingling returns? Never mind his production 'til the end of the year, I'd be impressed if he played more than 2/3 of the remaining games. Not terribly bad news for the Oil though, since they now have the Wild's 36 year old back up goalie to latch all their hopes on to.

As for the Flames, they shut out a great Dallas team tonight and remain first in the division, so logically 8th-place-Oiler fans will insist that they suck, need to score more, and Sutter must drastically change the team and how they play. They make their case simple enough to sound almost stupid.

Best trade of the day? Weimer to wherever the hell he went.

Also, it's nice to see Cory Cross in Detroit, he deserves to finally be on a cup contender.

I didn't link because I was in a hurry. My mistake, as it allowed Matt to get a dig in. Never again.

So you were just looking for those things to happen in the pre-season? You didn't look for them to happen in the regular season? You must be the most laid back hockey fan in the world, expecting players to step up in games that don't matter.

As for your prediction, it was implied. I am glad to hear you actually make a claim, though. Too bad you backed off your orginal idea, which was to watch Lundmark and Samsonov for the rest of the season. I'll take that bet, but I understand if the original vigor with which you spoke has cooled upon proper reflection.

I do understand that I make all this noise amidst the reality that the Flames are 1st in the NW, and we are in 4th. Yet only four points separate a well-rounded team and one that has a dominant goalie and a clever scheme. So I do so in confidence that justice will prevail, as well as in the knowledge that at the end of the day none of us have any effect at all on the outcome.

What we REALLY need is one of three things:

a) tabletop hockey tourney
b) street hockey tourney
c) video game tourney

There must be some way all of us can meet in a neutral territory--say Red Deer-- and have some fun. Actually develop some real bragging rights. Maybe even play a game on a rooftop while "Chewbacca, what a wookie!" blares over the boom-box?

Where did everyone get this idea that Samsonov is nothing but a pure scorer? Samsonov is a pretty terrific player even at a "disappointing" 20-goal production level. I don't think you can say the same of Huselius.

Are Colby and I the only ones ever awake at this time? Aren't any of you in school, or just drunk?

Huselius and Samsonov the same player?

Maybe I missed them, but when did Huselius win a Calder Trophy or have anything approaching a 29 goal 75 point seasons?

In fact, in terms of scoring alone, Samsonov has 5 seasons of better production than Tommy's best season. Hell, last season he had 40 points in 58 games compared with Huselius' 31 in 76 games.


Also, I've reset the post-trade standings, since they did not include the full post-trade lineups. It wouldn't be fair to Calgary not to include those games when Lundmark hadn't yet arrived.

Sac's right, we cannot compare Huselius with Samsonov. Sammy has played his whole career on a scoring powerhouse and had a little help from someone named Joe. Ask Glen Murray and Jordan Cheechoo how nice Joe was for their stats.

Are those 58 games a season worth what Edmonton gave up in return, especially considering Edmonton never had a problem scoring goals in the first place.

I'm glad you are resetting the post trade standings to account for Lundmark's absence (and not the Flames 1-0 vs Oilers 0-1 post trade deadline records).

Andy makes the best point, though. We should convene in Red Deer someplace and play shinny or similar or watch one of the last two Flames-Oilers games this season. That would be a scream. Be fun to put some faces to names, too.

Andy makes the best point, though. We should convene in Red Deer someplace and play shinny or similar or watch one of the last two Flames-Oilers games this season.

Make it Toronto and I'm in. Cheap ice at the ACC after the end of the regular season.

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