Thursday, March 23, 2006


I don't even have a moustache


Another classic quote for our BofA dust jacket:

The Battle of Alberta
If this were a porn site it would feature rough video clips of a guy sitting in a hardback chair, and looking agitated, while the other guy shagged his girlfriend. Which is why it's probably the best hockey blog on the internet.

Thanks Vic! My mother will be so proud.

The number of Oilers blogs has mushroomed over the last few weeks. I know I've linked them in the past, but you really should check out Lowetide and Irreverent Oilers Fans. Stats, analysis, barely legal porno metaphors (oh man, I just know that is going to get us some crazy hits on the search engines), they've got them all.

MATT UPDATE: Yeah, wow, thanks Vic. Also, thanks for the birthday idea for Sacamano (softer chair).


Oh man, I can't believe I left you with that opening.

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