Thursday, March 16, 2006


Go time!

Ho! I'm back from today's necessary but untimely bit of capitalism, and ready to watch to Flames punk on the Oilers - again - in front of 16,839 Edgy Rexall Fans.

The fact is, the Oilers have been bad lately, and Calgary has not been a team that has motivated the Oil much so far this year. Roloson is unquestionably an upgrade in goal, but in the context of The Battle of Alberta, the Oilers still have the same goaltending problem as before, and his name is Miikka.

Two of Kipper's three bad games this season have been against the Oil, but last game on Election Night, he reverted to owning them. (Like Siegfried owns Roy, baby.)

Calgary scores 2, 3, or 4 tonight, no weak ones. Edmonton scores 1. Go Flames.


Now this is just unfortunate....

Let me be the first to say....BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ORBS OF POWER, BABY!!!

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