Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Gee, that's a tough one, alright...

Check this out. The Globe & Mail did a thingy where a Toronto guy (Peter Cheney) visited Calgary and wrote about it, while a Calgary guy (Chris Koentges) visited Toronto and did the same. Then, they did an online chat about it, moderated by globeandmail.com's Allison Dunfield. The highlight:
David Sutton from Toronto, Canada writes: I understand Mr. Cheney is an avid hockey fan and is himself a very strong ice-hockey player. In Mr. Cheney's opinion, which city can claim rights to the better professional hockey team?

Allison Dunfield writes: Hmm, Peter hasn't answered this one yet. And, Chris, in your opinion?

Chris Koentges writes: Look who's still in the playoff hunt, baby.

For those Torontonians who need a team to cheer for this spring, I'd direct them to my favourite Alberta blog.

Thanks, Chris. And I quite liked this little bit from your piece:
(With Maple Leaf Gardens now an unfinished grocery store, and the Montreal Forum a downtown Pepsi ad -- you'll have to let this sink in for a minute -- Calgary's Saddledome is the last iconic arena left in the country.)



I guess the House That Gretzky Built can just go screw itself. What statues do you guys have outside the Saddledome--Perry Berezan? Neil Sheehy?

No, that's not a work of art, that's the real Theoren Fleury--just step over him on your way to the monster truck rally.

Iconic of what exactly? The Stampede?

Maybe Sergei Makarov? He won a gold medal and an asterisked Calder there.

didn't the mad hatter once link its name to an internet manhood enhancement scheme (i quote from memory)

If you gave 100 Canadians a pic of Skyrex, and gave them each 10 guesses to identify it correctly, you'd get about 3 winners. If the Gretzky statue was visible, that might climb to 7.

And it is still the Pengrowth Saddledome, not Pengrowth Centre, Place, Yard, etc. etc. etc...

I see what you guys mean about Edmonton's storied stadium, the, uh...?

Wait, I remember: The Butterdome.


And as a friend of mine likes to say: "it looks like a giant vulva."

Really? I always thought the Gretzky statue was a decent likeness, but I can sure see your point.

Maple Leaf Gardens and the Montreal Forum were not distinct because of their architecture. They were iconic because of the winning tradition within. No one gives a rats ass about the tampon that is the Saddledome, especially since the team that plays there has won exactly one Cup. If uniqueness is the criterion for iconic, then I would get Douglas Cardinal to build me a stadium.

I would never claim that the Northlands Coliseum is an iconic stadium. It would be stupid. It would also be uneccessary, since I can actually speak about several iconic teams from the City of Edmonton. The Oilers, Eskimos, Bears and Grads all come to mind. I would rather spend my time bragging about those great teams, rather than bragging about how wicked-awesome the place they played in was.

I like how my Mad Hatter term has caught on. The dude really is nuts.

the real question among this site's readership is which one of you putzes is Alice?

And how can we get "White Rabbit" to play automatically when the site loads?

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