Sunday, March 26, 2006


Flames Game Day

The Flames finish their 7-game roadtrip today, on the afternoon of Day 11. (Figure skating update from the 'Dome: world champs are Kimmie Meissner, Stephane Lambiel, Qing & Jian, and Denkova & Staviski. Update from the other team kicked out at the moment: Hitmen & Hurricanes split the opening 2 games of Round 1, WHL Playoffs here in Lethbridge.)

A win today makes this a decent 3-3-1 roadtrip, and of more interest to me, shows that the Flames can play a good road game, which is absolutely a concern heading to the playoffs.

My other concern at the moment is our rookie dynamo. Phaneuf has been bad on this roadtrip.
I don't think you can question the guy's fitness, which means that this is a slump: length & severity TBA.

Really, if the Flames win today (1PM MST), everything looks like sunshine & lollipops again: 3 point division lead; season splits c/w road victories against the other 2 division winners; 7 of next 9 games at home; etc. etc. go team go. (Not to mention, every game that goes by is one game closer to Warrener's return to the lineup, meaning Cale Hulse can go back to high-sticking his wife, which doesn't make his team shorthanded.)

I'm going to recycle my prediction from the last Dallas game, and predict that today, Calgary spoils the Stars' perfect shootout record (now 11-0). Go Flames.


For the first time in a while...the Avs are a better bet to win the division than the Flames.

Seems hard to believe, given that 7 of Cgy's remaining 12 are at home, they're up by a point, and they have a game in hand.

But, you're the math-talking-guy. (And I do see that COL probably has the weaker schedule, with 2 games remaining vs. EDM).

Reason for Conks to go to Colorado ahead of the team: acclimatization to the higher altitude after being at sea-level in Vancouver. Good move Mac-T.

We don't want the guy to pass out from the bends halfway though the second period.

The schedule builders take elevation into account for the pacific teams but seemed to overlook it for the Oil on this occasion. Expect an extra sluggish game tonight, unfortunately.

Nice loss. With my eye on the standings, I had forgotten about Calgary's mortal 86 pts tucked ahead of Nashville's 92. I encourage the Flames to drop a few more in regulation and sweat bullets with the rest of us!

Fenwick's already sweating some kind of small round leaden object, perhaps for the first time this year. His team has three good players; with one having a mysterious hip problem and the other disappearing for weeks at a time, you don't want the third to flake to bits like a croissant during the playoff drive. Plus I'm sure he's looking around for a team Calgary can beat in Round One scoring a goal-and-a-half per game.

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