Sunday, March 19, 2006


Flames Game Day

Jeez, the stuff that happens when I don't get a Game Day post up...

Nine goals against? The Flames have had 5-game homestands where they didn't give up 9 goals. Listening on the radio, it sounded like you could hang most of the first 4 or 5 on Brian Boucher (Mike Rogers after Nashville's 3rd: "Brian Boucher has got to stop that puck!"). After that though, it was total collapse. Hell, Boucher stopped two breakaways in the third! (Otherwise, the score might have gotten out of hand, hawhawhaw..)

Well, the last time Calgary looked this bad was in losing consecutive road games to the Rangers and Islanders. Then, they went into Minnesota and slapped the Wild around a bit, and got back on track. So! How timely that the Flames play the Wild today (5PM, RSN West). We also play them Tuesday, followed by St. Louis & Columbus on Thu/Fri. This is the week where we use up our games-in-hand; it would be advisable to get some points to go along with it.

Kipper will be back in net today (duh). The Wild are pretty live at home, but they lack mojo this year (and Calgary is up 4-1 in the season series). 3-1, the boys in Red with the 3. Go Flames.


It's a little surprising that Matt failed to mention the four goals-for as evidence that Calgary's forwards are "coming together." The hilarious part is, it might be true... it was the first four-goal effort from the Small Gray Face in six weeks.

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