Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Edmonton vs Vancouver - Round I

Season Record: 34-23-11 Season Record: 36-27-6


Tonight the Oilers take on the Canucks in Round I of the Back-to-Back-to-Back.

I am not exaggerating when I say that I'm am ecstatic about this turn of events.
  1. Oilers - Canucks tilts have been highly entertaining over the last few years
  2. The Oilers have owned the Canucks this year (5-0-0) -- even more than Nashville has owned Calgary
  3. The Canucks have lost 6 of their last 7 and got booed off the ice last game.
  4. The stakes are high. Really high. A sweep by one team will seriously cripple the other's chances at making playoffs
  5. It is a terrific warm-up for the playoff format
  6. If any extra motivation is needed, it should be recalled that it was Vancouver who knocked Edmonton out of playoffs last season
What does all this add up to? A dangerous Canucks team. Yep, despite their recent struggles, I'm a bit frightened of this series. It all seems too perfect.

Regardless, for Mirtle, I'll predict Oilers 5-1 with D-vo getting two, LeGG potting a big one, The Orbs getting the game winner, and Smytty getting the opener on an ugly goalmouth rebound on the Oilers' second powerplay.

Talk some smack here, and make sure to drop some science over with JJ at his surprisingly upbeat Canucks blog.

And if you really want to have some fun, go drop some audio comments at the Vancouver Canucks Op Ed. Fantastic! Top priority of the day? Find a computer with a microphone.

Compulsive Scoreboard Watching:


This series scares me. Not because I don't think the Oil can win games, but because my wife is a Crazy Canuck. Three wins by the Oil, and I spend the playoffs sleeping in the car...three wins by the 'Nucks, and I have to hear about it until next year :/

Can you say rock and a hard place? Still, the car IS pretty comfortable... :P

I just saw a clip of Anson Carter claiming that part of their recent slump can be pinned on the refs who have been, apparently, unfairly targeting the Canucks.

Boy I'm glad we traded that clown.

the orbs of power has some history with the canucks going back to st. louis.

if he has a weak game in any of these three, the canucks will win those game. a strong outing from him and my canucks will be crippled.

this isn't rocket science but a reliable bell-weather

An interesting prediction will be who will play goal for both teams? I think the Oil will play Rolo for all 3, and the Canucks will play Auld for all 3. Noronen played horribly in his first game and probably won't play again unless he has too.

The Oil will win tonight, what happens in Vancouver will be interesting. Hopefully all the booing at GM place will remind the Oil of their home ice and so they'll play better.

This week will be fun, mostly because for three straight games, one of Vancouver and Edmonton must lose.

Sadly, for three straight games, one of Vancouver or Edmonton must win.

Just try and stay away from overtime, k?


And if anyone has to sleep in the car, I'll send over a nice comfy Canucks comforter. ;)

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