Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Catch the excitement

Have you checked out TSN's TradeCentre page? Good stuff:


Roloson to the Oilers for a 1st and maybe a 3rd. They still have 3 goalies after waiving Morrison, so what's the other shoe?

You may have to change your picture ... when I clicked on the TSN link just now it told me that the Oil had acquired Dwayne Roloson from the Wild for draft picks and that Mayor Quimby has been waived for failing to stop Jussi J in the shootout. Harsh.

The usual commenters here should start planning for the Cup parade down Jasper Avenue in 3 ... 2... 1 ....

For me, I'm pretty surprised Minny would trade an asset like that to their chief rival for a playoff spot and to let him go for what looks like spare parts. That said, the numbers given for Roloson (36 years old, 6-17, GAA 3.00 on a defensive team) aren't as impressive as I thought, given all the trade talk about him.

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