Thursday, March 16, 2006


Battle Game Day - Roster Notes

- Looks like Roman Hamrlik is back in the Flames lineup, which squeezes Mush or Hulse out.
- Sportak is reporting that Mike Leclerc will likely be a healthy scratch again tonight (10 games on Iginla's line: this is what happens when you score zero goals in that situation, buddy)
- Roloson will get his 5th straight start as an Oiler (proposed nickname: DOG; these days I just think that everyone named Dwayne should be nicknamed Dog). Kipper will get his, I dunno, millionth straight start.
- Sergei Samsonov: "Slicker than whale droppings". Wow, and I was just talking about nicknames...

Bonus material: mudcrutch79's Stat of the Week was that on Tuesday, the Oilers beat Minnesota despite (A) giving up 30+ shots and (B) scoring 2 or fewer goals. The last time the Oilers managed that? January 8, 2003. Welcome to DecentGoaltendingLand, Oil fans.


What are the chances that a sportswriter's last name starts with Sport? And what in the hell is that whale droppings comment...

I gotta go get a job at a Sun chain me thinkys.

Fatter than a camel's ass.

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