Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Back in the Money

The Oil get it done tonight:

*I'm doing this from memory and I'm on a wonky dial-up that keeps dropping so I can't check it. Is that stat right?


U may be correct. Mirtle hmm may have to rethink who the undisputed Heavy Weight is in NHL. He was ranting on the Boogeyman LeGG beat him like a rented mule.... Go Oil...

I'm confident hockeyfights.com will call it a draw.

The cited statistic is correct: Pronger is now 3-5-8/8g since the Oly break. (As of tonight he is also the NHL's minutes-played leader, with 1,802.)

I was looking for the Oilers to send a message to the conference tonight with a big explosive win. I can't say that happened, but what a nice soothing dose of Ex-Lax for us Roloson backers.

Big Georges is back to playing the style he's most successful with, which is "carry the puck and smash through the defenders like the Kool-Aid Man going through a wall." OH YEAH! I will never understand why he can't do this during the first 50 games of the season, but that seems to be the rule.

I don't care where Samsonov plays, but wherever he ends up, Hemsky should follow. Those two are devastating together.

Listening to some Dane Cook, you glass bitch? You glass bastard?

If not, what I said makes NO sense.

I agree about Samsanov and Hemsky. The only problem is their size. If they play together all the time, they will definitely need a bigger body out there to shield thema bit. Or who knows, maybe they'll dance so much that no one will ever touch them?

The penalties are going to kill us if we don't eliminate them. And what happened to us drawing some? With Hemmer and Sammy on the PP, we can do some serious damage.

Anyone else excited to see Samsanov in a shoot-out?

How can you not love Jason Smith, jumping in against the Boogeyman to make sure that Moreau doesn't loose any more teeth. That, and him fighting two guys stand out this season.

Good call Sac on Ferraro's commentary last night. By the end of the first period I was beginning to wonder if perhaps Mr. Ferraro was hoping to ask Roloson out on a date, I mean, could he have been more in love with him last night?

I agree Roloson played pretty good, but from Ferraro's comments you'd think he had the Vezina trophy all but won.

Good game, not a great game, but the win coming with a Vancouver ass kicking makes it a great night.

Ferraro is just reaching the worst, most insufferable age for a jock in the booth--the guys he remembers playing against are starting to thin out, so anybody surviving from his era becomes some kind of Bunyan-sized folk hero. (This is eventually followed by the "in my day everything was better, we used wooden sticks and horse liniment and blah blah blah" phase.)

Big Georges is back to playing the style he's most successful with, which is "carry the puck and smash through the defenders like the Kool-Aid Man going through a wall."

He had a shot in the second where he did that whole routine of fighting off guys behind the net, came out to the goalie's right and then threw a very nice move down that completely fooled the defenceman. I don't think anyone was more surprised by the move than Big Georges, who promptly fired the puck into the goalie.

Yeah, BG hit Fernandez's crest like he was Mike Peca...or Radek Dvorak...or Todd Harvey.

Nice move all the same though. I still remember eating wings at my local Cherry's the night BG scored his trick and nearly killed Aki Berg with a check early in the third period. That was the '01 season with him and Murray and Horc forming a very good 4th line. It looked onwards and upwards for BG after that season.

It was about that time when he started making his infamous 20 goal season predictions and the rest is mystery.

Hey, 20 goals, that's what, only two weeks' worth of hat tricks? Easy fromage!

The night before a Edmonton/Calgary game is like Xmas eve a little bit, eh?

That depends on how you were raised. In my home there wasn't a 50% chance of opening your largest gift and revealing a boxful of fresh dog turds.

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