Monday, February 06, 2006


Zero to ???

You just have to laugh.

As reported earlier today (or just scroll down), Conky was put on waivers. You thought that was the end of the saga? Nay, friend, it was just a another wacky stop along the way.

The word tonight is that Jussi was throwing up between periods and isn't making the trip to Colorado. This means--oh mercy--that Conks is once again our #1 backup.

Question: which is a worse prospect?
  1. Somebody claims Conks off waivers before tomorrow morning's 10:00 am MST deadline forcing us to dress Pete Peters as our backup, or
  2. No one claims Conky, Quimby stinks up the game, and Ty has to play in relief?


I would just like to say, on behalf of every other team in the Western Conference, that we would like it very much that if you are going to win the game anyway, be it with a freak goal with 0.0045 on the clock, or in the 77th round of a shoot-out when you are calling on Mess to deal the deal ...

could you please ...

Just once ...

Now and then ....

Win a game in regulation?

>Win a game in regulation?

IT hurts us as much as it hurts you. I am also loathe to see Vancouver clobber Columbus after what they did to us in Alberta, especially with Manboy Bertuzzi getting some points.

Is this division nuts, or what? This should almost be called the battle of Vanberta, or Alcouver. Except I cannot stand Vancouver, coach and all. I hate them more than Ference.

Calgary beats Edmonton 3-1, Vancouver beats Calgary 3-1, Edmonton beats Vancouver 3-1. all in just over a week.
They're within 2 points of each other, with Colorado, Anaheim, san Jose, Phoenix and LA nipping at their heals.
Crazy. I love it.

Why isn't Quimby starting every game?

This is just too funny to not bring up again.... why is Edmonton calling up a backup goalie who hasn't completed his "conditioning" stint at his very own treatment facility....

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