Thursday, February 02, 2006



...looking at tonight's Oilers/C-Bus result, you would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh 'til there was tears in your eyes.

Also, congratulations to Steve Reinprecht for making a good first impression: he scored the shootout winner for the Coyotes against LA tonight.


Hey you Oilers fans ... all that stuff you said about my team today?

Yeah, that.

I take it all. I deserve it. And on the backend of a swing, too.

I know Jussi only let one goal in, but that one goal was awful.

"I know Jussi only let one goal in, but that one goal was awful."

That's OK. The Oilers were two men down at the time, right? No? One man down?.... Oh....



"The only thing I want in the whole world right now is to encase this thread in Lucite and mount it on my wall next to the box score of the game."

Hey, you won't hear me blaming the loss on NHL rules.

jhuck, you really have no shame.

If one were to line up the assy gloating by Flames fans after games next to their modest and lovely counterparts, one would conclude Flames fans have a deluded belief in their team (to the point of foreshadowing, I dare say).

Both teams came up below par (I think, see Covered in Oil for the Hellen Keller-esque recap), with one point each in two days. Big deal.

I'd still worry about scoring depth if I were a Flames fan, though.

This place was pretty short on extravagant pro-Oiler predictions, especially ones (a) by me or (b) with the words "Fuck that" attached to them. (Or, (c), anything involving Zherdev being taken out of the building in a coma.)

Still, even though there may be a little more eggy matter remaining on Calgary faces... ouch. Not gonna deny the root-canal-likeness. After the Staios goal I thought to myself "Shoot, I hope this doesn't turn out to be some kinda goddamn replay of the Calgary game." The rest of the evening was just basically a looped tape of me saying "DOH!" over and over again.

Let us now mutually forget that these events ever took place. Columbus? They have a team? That's in Georgia, right?

Sounds fine to me. And I'm going to keep the new adjective "Helen Keller-esque" in my pocket for future games and/or situations involving Don Koharski..

I wish just once the Oilers would back up my trash talkin' on their behalf. Just once.

What was true yesterday, is true today. If you can't score more than one goal on Columbus, you don't deserve to win.

I was at the game last night, and wonder of wonders, Mike Peca received one of the loudest, if not the loudest, ovation as he was about to take his chance in the shootout, had he been able to score and win the game, he would have achieved cult status in Edmonton, alas, his shot left much to be desired.

Also, anyone else notice how Tarnstrom sported Cory Cross' old jersey number (23)? There were times, like that last goal where I thought for sure that was Cross playing again. That # is cursed, don't wear it anymore Dick.

I DID notice that Cross managed to be a +1 in the Pens' 7-2 loss to Ottawa.

I'm feeling a lot of shame right now...

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