Wednesday, February 01, 2006



If misery loves company, I wonder if this makes Cosh and Mudcrutch happy:
It's Official

The increase in scoring in the NHL this season is entirely due to the play of Jose Theodore.


Maybe Theo's dad had money on the Canes.

The original post, as well as dirk's comment, are awesome.

I don't really think his family has anything to do with his problems though.

I don't know what exactly is causing them but it's kind of interesting to see the effect of the cap on all of this-it's hurting MTL because they're stuck with a guy who is playing terribly and they aren't allowed to go out and acquire a replacement for him, it's hurting some team with an extra goalie who can't cash him in because MTL has all this money tied up in Theo, it's hurting Theo because he'd probably benefit from a fresh start somewhere else, it's hurting the MTL fans who'd benefit if the Habs could send Theo away for something. That's an awful lot of unintended consequences.

By the way, for the reference of anyone who wonders just how bad Edmonton's goaltending is, Theo's save percentage is the same as the Oilers team save percentage.

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