Friday, February 17, 2006


Olympic Notebook

Thoughts from inside the head of Lindsay Jacobellis, about 150m from the Snowboardcross Final finish line:
Holy crap, I don't believe what a big lead I have. Gold baby! What is she, 50 yards behind me? Awesome! I'm gonna take this 2nd-last jump with a bit of a flourish. Little daffy maybe. Should I? Sure, what the hell. Gold baby! OK, here comes that jump, and up! OK, bend the knees a bit, reach back to grab the HOLY SHIT I'M FLYING OFF THE COURSE! ABORT ABORT!

That was awesome. How often has someone won a medal for the same race in which they crashed through a snow fence? I'm guessing not very often, but that's what our girl Dominique Maltais did today, in that race. Good times.

Almost as exciting: skeleton. The gold & silver medals were sweet of course, but the circumstances might be even better. The gold medal winner (A) has the same name as my dog (wonder if he's named after the cartoon beverage too?) and (B) is the oldest Winter champ in an individual event by four freaking years. And the silver medal winner's name is Pain, which is wincingly appropriate since he spent much of the final 10 seconds of his medal run dragging various body parts along the track at 100km/h.
Announcer: He's not feeling any pain right now, Jim!
2nd Announcer: Shut up. I hate you.

This women's hockey is shaking out nicely, too. It's been a pretty great day for Canada at the Olympics. The only thing that looks ugly at all is the lads at the curling rink, and they're still 4-2. Regardless, I don't like it when my country's skip looks like he's on the verge of crying (or saying, "F**k it, I'm going to the bar.").

Tomorrow morning (730AM MT) it's Punk-on-Heidi time. Go Canada.


I don't like it much either when my country's skip looks like he's on the verge of crying. It's even worse when he hires the world's single most respected curler to be his vice and then spends the whole fargin' tournament quarrelling with him.

I hate to say it, but when she wiped out I laughed at an athlete loosing solely on the fact that she's American..

How dumb was that? I don't know if you caught the super-slowmotion shot of her seeing her opponent get past her? That was pure comedy gold.

Let me point out that I'm not someone who hates athletes just because they're "evil" Americans. I have nothing against Americans.

And I still don't get curling.

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