Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Olympic Game Morning

I think Canada is probably going to win this morning. Owing to the Swiss tie with Italy just completed, if either Czech or Canada wins outright, they move into 2nd (& the Swiss finish 3rd, loser finishes 4th). If they tie, the Swiss stay in 2nd, Canada's 3rd, and Czech is 4th.

I think Lecavalier is due for a 1st Star performance; hell, why not today.

Today's One Thing I'd Do Differently Than Pat Quinn: give Smyth some time in front of the net on the PP. Overall, Bertuzzi is a superior player, but he should be on the half-boards or behind the net. Smyth is a garbage goal whore. Go Canada.

UPDATE: As Mirtle notes in the comments, head-to-head is the 1st tiebreaker (as it should be), so Canada finishes 3rd, and Canada probably meets Russia in the quarterfinal. We'll see in 3-4 hours.


Switzerland gets 2nd place on the basis of having beaten Canada.

But, but... the powerplay scoring! Clearly this team needs someone who can score with the man advantage, right?
Okay, so McCabe's useless. It's in Quinn's contract that he needs to bench one of his star players at the Olympics so that they hate him.

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